Get Workout Motivation Through Your Clothing

When working with clients I stress the importance of finding ways to get motivated to achieve weight loss goals. I had one client that was so determined to fit back into your favorite LBD (Little Black Dress) that she hung it up on her bedroom door so it was a constant reminder every day to stay on track!  I decided to practice what I preach and use a few new wardrobe additions from Tobi as a source of inspiration!  

I knew I had a wedding coming up and with this being the first formal event that I would be attending since having my son in December 2016 I was determined to look and feel good. I opted for the Vittoria Midi Dress to wear the day of my friends special day.  When the dress first arrived I knew I had work to do in the gym in order to feel confident in this piece Spanx free! Although I have not reached my ultimate weight loss goal, I felt amazing and confident in this dress last weekend! 

Jumpsuits are something that I have always adored on other people but never found the right one that worked for me! Largely because I have a long torso jumpsuits would never fit the way I wanted them to. I consider my style sporty, so it's important for me to look put together and comfortable at the same time. That's why I fell in love with the This Is It Tie Dolman Jumpsuit also from Tobi. It was the perfect length and I am able to pair it with sneakers or sandals when summer rolls around. It's also great for a quick transition from the gym or even covering up when I am at the pool or the beach in warm weather.  Most importantly I felt stylish and comfortable in the flowy fabric. 

Do you use clothes as a source of inspiration? What pieces are you hoping to rock sometime soon? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! 

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Fitness Files: Dr. Suzanne Martin

Dr. Suzanne Martin is the founder of Pilates Therapeutics and has recently launched a 3 video series that includes:

  • Assessment/ Creating a Client Profile (30 minutes)
  • Activ-Wedge® on the Mat (40 minutes) 
  • Activ-Wedge® on the Apparatus (60 minutes) 

Originally designed for its use in the Pilates environment for clients with scoliosis, Dr. Martin found that the wedge is useful for any client with asymmetries, as well as having a home and office use. The name Activ-Wedge® distinguishes its use from other wedge products often used for passive stretching, positional release, and therapeutic manual therapy. This promotes the movement to achieve better balance.

I strongly believe that so many of us are focused on cardio and weight training that we tend to overlook the other elements of fitness that help make a balanced lifestyle.  Continue reading my Fitness Files interview with Dr. Martin to learn more about her background and how she is helping patients get better alignment in their everyday life. 


NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority? 

Suzanne Martin (SM): My ah-ha moment about the power of fitness came as a graduate student in dance at Mills College, about 35 years ago! The kinesiology course was really an introduction to fitness and was taught by the athletic training department. Part of the kinesiology course was to learn how to do a cardio and toning training. When I embarked on my fitness training goals, I was shocked at what results I got in terms of endurance to make dancing easier, as well as the cosmetic aspect of looking healthy, toned. My instructors certainly approved! Then I had a fall during a performance, which set off back spasms and a great deal of pain. Ultimately this led me to osteopathic treatment, and to Pilates. It turned out I have both some general hypermobility and scoliosis. Ever since then, I became a believer in managing musculoskeletal “individual differences” with fitness, Pilates and self-care. It’s the actual philosophy of my entire clinical and educational work. I am so grateful to still be able to dance, garden, travel internationally. I owe it all to what is now called “Lifestyle Medicine.”

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?           

SM: This may sound odd, but I just LOVE dried orange slices! My acupuncturist tells me that they stimulate energy. I also eat a lot of nuts for the protein and the satiation from the oil. I also crave Greek yogurt. I keep a carton of coconut water ready to go in the fridge for sipping between client sessions. The coconut water is excellent for hydration replenishment. Did you know that hunger is often misperceived and is really thirst? Also mental capacity diminishes with only 2% dehydration. So the coconut water helps me to keep the good mental ability to motivate clients in the right way and avoid physical fatigue from long hours.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated? 

SM: I do believe the highest form of leadership is self-leadership. I give training on the John Maxwell philosophy of leadership, as well as using their resources for mentoring. I also belong to other groups for individual stimulation for clinical interests, spiritual interests, and emotional interests. It takes a lot to stay focused. I am convinced that life will just pass you by if you don’t pay attention. Every day has to be fired up with reading and practice. I value experiences more than physical possessions, and so seek out those experiences.

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

SM: I am a believer that body change happens through nutrition, rest, physical exercise, mental exercise and emotional exercise. It doesn’t happen without any of the above.  I had a leg injury where I stopped dancing for 2 years and cold barely walk. It was very interesting to watch not only the tone changes of the leg but the rest of my body. I knew that if I just kept going that I could come on of the other side. Thanks to Pilates and other fitness and healing techniques, I am on my way completely out.

Training is a combination of stress and rest. That is how an athlete or any pro is made. So I follow that paradigm. High achievers use a lot of mental rehearsal and mental self-talk. It’s critical in making a change. Change is often like seeing a giant cruise ship change course. It can take quite a bit to overcome the inertia of stillness, but if the force of change persists, it will gain momentum. It’s just like the physical laws of science.

One of my favorites pieces of cardio equipment is an arm-ergometer, basically a bicycle for your arms. It helped me so much when my legs couldn’t even bare being on the Pilates reformer.

I like using a four-pound mini-bar with my arm and back Pilates work, and the Pilates Wunda Chair essentially was made for knee health. I completely have relied on it to bring my legs, climbing and standing ability back.

I just started using the MOTR®, which is excellent for strength as well as core development. I started using it in my travels where the host sites can provide me with a home MOTR® to stay in shape when I am away. It is an adapted Pilates piece of equipment and is just great for everything: strength, core and flexibility. I encourage clients to get one for home use to practice their Pilates. I also work with the cancer community. I had younger and younger women coming in asking how they could get back to their Pilates and Yoga. That’s when I realized how useful the MOTR ® could be for cancer survivors. Evidence supports resistance training as a beneficial aspect of restoration. That’s what inspired the latest MOTR ® videos I just released.

The whole Pilates philosophy is to use as much of the whole body and mind and emotions while performing the exercises. That philosophy is translatable to any other type of movement or fitness. What I say is that the body essentially has 602 muscles and about 206 bones. General fitness focuses on large muscle groups such as the quads or glutes for large explosive moves such as sprinting and jumping in basketball and dance. Pilates fills in all those other muscle groups and primes the body to use itself more fully in the large fitness conditioning activities.

Ultimately the Golden Rule is just keeping it up. One of my biggest role models is the late Jack Lalanne. He did unbelievable feats like swimming while pulling barges with his teeth. He was a small, ill guy who got bullied when he first started out. I remember in an interview, he was asked if he liked fitness. He said not really, but he likes the EFFECTS of exercise. And Joseph Pilates, our Pilates community name-sake, he understood health in a way that we now understand better. In a conversation with one of Pilates’ clients, Chuck Rappoport who was a LIFE Magazine photographer told this encounter to me. When Rappoport asked Pilates why exercise was so necessary,  Pilates said that there were fires in the body that had to be put out. That there were certain areas of the body that were fire stations, in the armpits, the groin, and abdomen area. These fire stations had to be called upon to put out the various flame-ups in the body through breathing and all the various exercises he used. If the fires aren’t put out, then the body starts to develop inflammation…disease. As a certified lymphatic therapist, I couldn’t believe my ears. Chuck’s story about Pilates’ theory of acquired disease fully fits in with current ideas about the immune system and health!

No matter what happens in your life, pregnancy, divorce,  law school, asthma, fractures, whatever looks like it will de-rail you and disrupt your Lifestyle Medicine, just get on the horse and pick it back up again. You might have to adapt or start back again at a different pace or style of movement, but just keep at it. I had a friend who said an injury is really a blessing in disguise. Over and over again, see the people who made that statement a reality. All of my Dance Studio Life articles end with this saying that helps to pass on the motivation, the mental attitude, to others. It’s simply: I have faith in you.

For more information on Dr. Suzanne Martin click here!

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Prevent Overeating at Work with These Strategies

Stress? It should be listed on most job descriptions as part of the daily routine. There’s the stress of customers, deadlines, tight budgets, and too much work. And while stress can lead to all sorts of unhealthy behaviors, one of the trip-ups that happens to us at work when we’re stressed is eating—too much of it and the wrong things, too.

And stress plus eating isn’t something that affects just a few people; almost half of us engage in overeating or eating something that’s bad for us every week—at least. If we take the opposite tactic—skipping meals—that just leads to grumpiness, yet another source of stress at work.

So what then can you do in order to better manage not only your stress but your eating habits at work? For starters—start your day well by actually eating breakfast. While you’re doing that, also take the time to pack healthy items to eat.

Want more ideas to max out health, not eating, at work? Try the ideas in this graphic.

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Vegan Skincare Products Your Guy Will Appreciate

Many of us are starting to pay more attention to what we put in our bodies as well as on our bodies! With our skin being the largest human organ, being selective when it comes to beauty products is something that should be taken seriously. What we digest through our skin is just as damaging as when we consume bad foods. If you are interested in exploring healthier skin care options, consider these suggested products to complete your healthy well-being.


In one kit you get all that you need, making it extremely easy for you if you are just starting to really take care of your skin. The brand believes there is no need to reinvent the wheel, they are dedicated to bringing the highest quality biodynamic and naturally occurring nutrients to help your skin look and feel great. OM4Men has five skin care systems that help to really zero in on the specific skincare needs for each man. The systems include Sensitive, Oily, Encore (anti-aging), Normal and Dry. With organic content ranging from 71-98.5 %, the extract from each ingredient is in its purest making it most active.

Jack Black

This affordable skin care brand has a few award winning products including their Protein Booster Skin Serum and the Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser. The serum is rich in peptides the building blocks of protein. Peptides improve cell communication by sending specific signals that affect skin's response. Including organic rich and plant based products this promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a matter of months. The cleanser is a dual-purpose 2-in-1 liquid cleanser and toner that removes deep-down dirt and oil making the face shave-ready in an instant. Works gently, without over-drying and leaving your complexion looking dull.


LUSH is a unisex brand catering to men and women. Their men’s line helps customers to cultivate an organic beauty experience ranging from soaps to shaving creams. The Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash is infused with fresh pineapple juice that includes enzymes to help cleanse the skin and zap away dirt and oil. Other key ingredients like almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuaçu butter soften and tame facial hair. For the guy on the go, the Dirty Body Spray is a portable, refreshing version of their newest fragrance line. The spray has hints of sandalwood, tarragon, lavender and spearmint.


Bulldog products are designed with male skin as their focus, their products are created to work effectively while dealing with the specific issues related to men’s skincare. All Bulldog products are certified cruelty free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are approved by the Vegetarian Society in the UK. From Anti-aging to normal skin, you are bound to find a product that fits your skincare needs. During the winter months, the Intensive 24 Hour Moisturiser will help keep skin hydrated with 8 essential oils, plus borage almond and camelina to deliver intensive 24 hour hydration.

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Fitness Files: Dana Perri

Dana Perri changes lives every day through her unique Mind Body Spirit approach to fitness, and her ability to connect with and adapt to her clients and students.  Dana is a true innovator and motivates those around helping them see their true potential and defy their limitations.

She is a Master Ambassador for Fabletics, Lorna Jane and Lululemon, and is part of the Campowerment Expert Team. She has been featured on CBS, KTLA, EXTRA, as well as in SHAPE Magazine,  LA Times and SELF Magazine.  She had the honor of training JK Simmons for his role in the movie Whiplash, for which he won Best Supporting Actor at the 2015 Oscars and Golden Globes, and where he thanked her during his acceptance speeches!

In 2012 Dana developed SHIFT and taught classes for 3 years out of a martial arts studio in the NOHO Arts District. Every time a client walks into the studio, it is a reminder to her that personal dreams are achieved when performed with love, determination, and vision. Continue reading the interview below to learn more about Dana and her passion for inspiring others.

NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority? 

Dana Perri (DA): Yes, 100%; it’s part of my DNA.  I was a competitive swimmer and gymnast by age 5 and started dancing at age 11.  Being physical was how I identified myself.  After I graduated from college, I started working professionally as a dancer I began to feel the incredible pressure of “looking the part!” I have always had an athletic build, and unfortunately, that wasn’t what “they” were looking for at the time.  Feeling frustrated I started to focus more on healthy eating and consistent exercise outside of dance class and auditioning.  I loved how I was feeling so much that it inspired me to get certified as a trainer.  My entire approach changed.  I was more confident, had more energy and felt completely in my skin! 

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

DA: WATER, peanut butter and 1/2 apple, raw almonds and (no sugar added) dried apricots, 2 boiled eggs, peanut cookie LARA bar, hummus and broccoli, frozen red grapes, walnuts and Greek yogurt, dark chocolate.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated?

DA: I always choose workouts that make me feel strong and inspired! I love running, high-interval circuit training and hot yoga. I make sure the environments I put myself in are positive. I switch up my routine weekly to stay motivated.  If I wake up tired or in a bad mood, I choose to move my body anyway.  “You will never regret a workout!” 

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

DA: Mind, body, and spirit! Shaping How I Feel Today is the philosophy of SHIFT; a methodology I have created and teach at my studio in Sherman Oaks.  It’s also an acronym that underscores my belief that everyone – and every day – is unique. When you walk into a group fitness class or take a hike, you’re choosing to make yourself a priority. Setting a mental intention and creating realistic goals are great keys to staying successful! 

For more information on Dana click here

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How to Choose the Best Facial Cleanser

Choosing a facial cleanser isn’t as easy as choosing a bar of soap, that’s for sure. Foaming or liquid? Sensitive or dry skin? Or perhaps combination? Too many questions just to pick one formula. What is the first step? Assess your skin type, then consider what type of cleanser is best for your skin. Here are a few things to look for:


Oily Skin: Rule of thumb: oil-free cleansers only. These cleansers are formulated to help over time reduce the oil created through the skin’s sebum.

Dry Skin: Cream and liquid cleansers are perfect for dry skin. Not only do they deeply remove dirt from the skin’s pores, but provide instant hydration.

Combination: The cleanser’s texture won’t affect the skin’s condition as much so go for a foaming, gel, or lotion cleanser. Combination skin is a mix of dry and oily prone skin so a general cleanser will work well for combination skin.

Sensitive: Sensitive skin requires a gentle facial cleanser, one with no alcohol, no harsh ingredients or additives like fragrance. Mild cleansers deliver the most nourishing benefit to skin.


Liquid/Gel: Perfect for all types of skins and conditions.

Foaming: Foam cleansers are gentle and should be used on sensitive skin.

Cream or Lotion: These textured cleansers can either be rinsed off or wiped off with a tissue. Due to the heavy nature of these cleansers, refrain from using if your skin is oily or acne-prone.

Exfoliating: Exfoliating cleansers are essential for all skin types. At least once a week everyone should exfoliate to remove clogged dirt from pores.

After figuring out your skin type, make sure your facial cleanser is taking care of all your problem areas while addressing your skin's needs.

Guest Blog Post: Rose Wheeler

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7 Hair Myths We’ve All Believed to Be True

Now that I have gone all natural, I have been paying closer attention to maintaining a healthy head of a hair especially post gym workout! I reached out to my friend Rose Wheeler to share her insight on all the myths we have been fed over time.

Hair is as personal as it is public, that’s probably why so many women and men pay plenty of time and attention to maintaining their mane throughout their lifetime. How many times have you sat in a hairstylist’s chair and have been told conflicting hair tips? Blast your hair with cold water at the end of your wash to seal the cuticle for shiny hair, or when your hairstylist says to make sure you come back within 3 months for the next trim to promote hair growth and health. With so many opinions on hair maintenance, who knows what to believe?

I’ve compiled a list of hair tips that we have all heard time and time again, but after some research I have come to find these tips may not be as helpful as I thought.

Myth #1: If one gray hair is plucked, two more will grow.

If you pluck away one hair strand, only one will grow back no matter what color the hair is.

Myth #2: Regular, frequent trims will help hair grow faster.

Hair growth is based off hormones, not hair trims. Hair grows about half an inch a month whether it is cut regularly or not.

Myth #3: Wash your hair every day.

It is not necessary to wash hair every day. In fact, washing it every day can cause natural hair oil to build up, resulting in the opposite effect.

Myth #4: Hair should be shampooed twice during one wash.

Shampooing more than once in the same shower can strip hair of its natural oils, resulting in lackluster, over-burdened hair.

Myth #5: If your hair is naturally oily, skip conditioner.

Oily hair is caused by the excess production of sebum in the scalp. Using conditioner will not contribute to more oil production.

Myth #6: Sunrays don’t damage hair.

The UV rays from the sun can dry out hair causing it to feel weak. Use a hat on the beach to avoid the risk of sun-burning your sensitive scalp.

Myth #7: Switch shampoos regularly to see best results.

Hair will not get used to using the same shampoo over and over again. It is not necessary to keep changing shampoo types and brands in order to maintain healthy, optimal hair.

Guest Blog Post: Rose Wheeler

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Fit Mom Confessionals Part Two

Over the summer I interviewed two of my favorite UK moms about how they balanced being pregnant and having children.  Now that my son is here, I was curious to learn how one of the moms I interviewed keeps it together with her family, consulting company and fitness regime.  I strongly believe in creating a "tribe" that inspires me and I hope I can do the same for them.  Continue reading some of their fit mom tips to get your daily motivation. 


Discovering new things was a great way for me to stay on track. Exercising has always made me feel calm and happy, and at the same time, I get inspired with new projects, energised, and of course I feel positive.  It’s fun, good for you, and it’s a powerful motivational tool (some people would pay thousands for that motivation from exercise).

I had always found working out and healthy eating relatively easy and I really do enjoy it. During pregnancy, even more so as I wanted a healthy body and mental preparation for a new born baby can never be under-estimated.

I have done Yoga in various forms for about 15 years, and I kept it up during pregnancy, and also discovered Pilates. I loved the results with Pilates – the strength, the lean muscle and it gave me a much stronger mind than Yoga. I ended up preferring Pilates over Yoga and now do classes with Sarah Dineen of 360 Fitness. We used to live in London, not far from stylish Chelsea and where buggy fitness is booming. Every green space is crammed with new mums any day of the week squatting and pushing, running and stepping.

I became a part of this buggy fit world when Mariella was 8 weeks old. I had a caesarean and had to wait for a proper sign off. Of course, it is very different to Pilates, getting the heart rate up very quickly, sharing stories with other newbie mamas outside, and setting unheard of challenges with the aim of returning to pre-pregnancy weight.

I also discovered so many great fitness classes that would allow you to take your baby. Anything from Zumba with Baby to Barre-Core with Baby. And I loved all of them. The trick is to take advantage of the time you have off as new mama, and working with baby’s sleeping and feeding times. I had that sorted pretty early on, as I am also a freelancer and had to return to work about three months after M was born. My life was baby, work and working out. I look back now (five years later) and wonder how I ever did it, but I did, and both me and baby were happy, healthy and I was in a good state of mind to make good decisions about work, life, and being a parent.

Traveling for work is unavoidable with me, so I schedule in workouts in my diary, plus I love how so many fitness workouts are available online, either via Youtube or a paid membership. One online workout that deserves a big plug is Sleek Technique. These two ex-professional ballet dancers took their unique fitness online for sleek, easy workouts that work. I used to book in for live online classes and have M in the background as I worked out with them.

Mariella has grown up around healthy eating, healthy choices, exercise, and I am gluten free because I have Coeliac Disease. While I don’t stop her from having gluten, she does understand what a healthy snack is, and that fresh air and exercise even for a little person are essential.

These days, at the age of five, it is Mariella who gets the Pilates mat out and asks to do a workout, and has her own little weights, and we go for a little person’s run and swim every week together. She even has her own workout kit.

She makes healthy choices too, with her food and her activities. She started big school last September and chose dance and gymnastics as her two afterschool clubs, and just loves PE.

The kid makes me laugh.

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Hotel48 LEX Provides a Wellness Experience When You Are Away From Home

A residential-style luxury hotel, Hotel 48LEX kicked off the new year, expanding their wellness offerings in 2017. The new package includes passes to a local CrossFit-style gym and fresh-pressed juices from their in-house brassiere Lexington Brass . The stay also includes weekly Vinyasa yoga sessions in their private second-floor lounge - Hotel 48LEX is offering guests everything they need to get and stay in shape during their stay the winter months.


During my hotel stay I had the opportunity to interview the hotel General Manager, Jonathon Goldberg to learn more about their wellness initiative and why it was important to Hotel48Lex to offer this to guests.

NMF: I love your guests first approach, what encouraged you to infuse a health and wellness plan into the offerings at 48 Lex? 

Jonathon Goldberg (JG): Our guests are our absolute first priority, most of them are frequent travelers that find it difficult to hold onto a routine - especially one surrounding wellness.  We wanted to make it easier them to stay on track with these tailored fitness partnerships and healthy options.

NMF: So many people forsake their workouts while traveling, in addition to the 24 Hour fitness facility what are a few additional ways guests can squeeze in a workout?  

JG: We have partnered with Heidi Okada to offer our guest complimentary yoga on Saturdays so they can take advantage before hitting the city, she is also available for private classes.  In addition, we have partnered up with Brick Fitness on 46th and Lexington who offer a variety of fitness options, where our guests can take classes (like CrossFit) or use their extensive facilities to practice their own routines with equipment we may not have on property. 

NMF: How have guests responded to the new offerings?

JG: They are very positive and receptive to it! We have had a lot of participation and positive reception so we are sure to continue these types of offerings. 

NMF: What are some other ways you hope to include health and wellness at 48 Lex in the future?  

JG: We are continuing to look at new options that would include rooftop yoga in the spring and summer months after work.  We are also looking into creating a running map that guests can download into their smartphones and use in our surrounding areas. 

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Athleisure Looks You Can Sport to Work

Athleisure continues to be a wardrobe staple and now it is very acceptable in many workplaces. Allowing employees to express themselves and be comfortable at the same time can only result in a productive atmosphere! According to HR Daily Advisor Robin Ghivan, a fashion critic for The Washington Post, the popularity of Athleisure wear is the comfort level “all the things we love about clothes.” If you are late to this popular trend and want to get on the bandwagon, check out the tips below for inspiration.

Determine how much athleisure you want to infuse

If you work in an environment that enforces a strict dress code, clearly athleisure pieces may not be your daily go to options. Save these looks for after work or on the weekends. If however, you have a more relaxed working environment, the sky's the limit when it comes to styling options.

If you are looking for a simple way to test out this trend or start small try swapping one piece at a time. For example, when it comes to layering instead of blazer or sweater opt for a slim fit zip up sweatshirt. These items look flattering on my most body types and can be worn with just about anything.

Another small way to incorporate this style is by sporting a few simple base layers like a t-shirt. Sure you can go the traditional route with basic white tee, but now there are a multitude of options that include mixed fabrics like faux leather either woven into the collar, trim, or pocket.

Complete athleisure makeover

If you really want to have your wardrobe be 100% comfortable and athleisure inspired, it’s important to make sure that all your garments have a slim fit. Picking up a pair of sweats from your local department store may not make the cut. Including pieces that are too baggy can easily result in a sloppy appearance and no one wants that!

Don’t know where to begin? When it comes to bottoms you can go with a faux leather pair of pants. Don’t worry these are not like the pants from the 90’s. Most of these pants are either lightweight or lined with a soft material like fleece making it super comfortable. If this is too fashion forward for you, lean towards a pair of pants that have cotton and leather mix, it is a more muted way to incorporate this look.

Other options include joggers, these pants are great because the design is true to the athleisure trend and also mend traditional work attire fabrics like wool, pinstripes and much more.  When selecting footwear this can be a bit tricky, most of the footwear options embody an athletic feel like a sporty pair of sneakers. Don’t be discouraged you can definitely get away with wearing a pair of sneakers, but opt for luxe ones such as the Cole Haan ‘Owen’ sneakers or the Gucci ‘Brooklyn’ sneaker. Stick to dark colors, these options are ideal for the work environment.

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