Fitness Files: Laura Batts

Laura Batts, MS, PAS is the founder of Horse Hippie and Horse Rider Yoga, companies with a focus on the ultimate health of the rider, the horse, and our planet. After years of raising her kids on a horse farm, Laura combined her holistic, equestrian lifestyle with her interest in the environment and obtained a Masters of Environmental Science with a focus on the equine sector. With Laura's Horse Rider Yoga classes, she offers all horse riders a way to improve their riding, fitness, and confidence through meditation and yoga.  Continue reading to learn more about Laura and her unique approach to living a fit and healthy life.

NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority? 

Laura Batts (LB): Yes, fitness has always been a part of my life. Even as a young girl I remember thinking of how I loved to run. I could feel my body moving and how good I felt.  When I began competitively riding I knew I needed that edge and MY fitness, not just my horse's fitness, could be the difference. 

As I've aged into middle age,  I have felt the changes in my body but I understand that keeping fit is a way to feel better as I grow older.

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

LB: I am a "grazer" (like my horse!) in that I eat small amounts all day long. My favorite daily snack is an organic honey crisp apple with Vermont cheddar cheese slices.  I also start each day with a healthy smoothie, usually with an organic banana, peanut butter, almond milk and a bunch of plant based supplements.

Laura Batts Horse Rider DVD 

Laura Batts Horse Rider DVD 

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated? 

LB: Yoga is how I start my day, every day.  It is a habit now and if for some reason I can't do it, I can really feel a difference in my body and my mind. Therefore, it isn't hard to do that part of my daily fitness. It is like coffee to some people, they can't really function without their morning cup!

It helps me to stay motivated when I think of my body as a finely tuned machine.  Only top quality products fuel it and daily exercise keeps it performing at its peak.  I try to remember that even if I'm not feeling like a run or a workout, I KNOW I will feel better after.

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

LB: I listen to my body (and mind) and adapt to what it is telling me.  For example, as I started to age I could feel my joints telling me that running every day wasn't going to work anymore. So now I run every other day and do a nice long yoga session after, and on the other days I power walk and do a weights (muscle building) session after.

Another example is my Horse Rider Yoga.  I started Horse Rider Yoga because I could sense a difference in my confidence and flexibility when I was riding. I knew my body wasn't as able which made me feel out of sink with my horse. My horse could feel it too and he began to spook.  So I adapted.  I knew I needed to change my body's ability and  I targeted specific areas of my body that I use for riding with specific yoga moves that can improve that area. Now I do my Horse Rider Yoga as a pre-ride warm up to get me focused and aware of my body. 

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Anti-Aging Products To Renew Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is extremely important, developing a regular skin care routine is just as important for men as it is for women. Does this make you less of a “real man”? No way! From razor burn to dry skin with the help of a little TLC your skin can have a youthful and natural glow in no time. According to Bloomberg Business, merchandise geared towards men’s beauty products has seen a steady increase. If you start early (late is better than never) you can prevent your skin from aging too quickly. Who doesn’t want to look more youthful?!

You may be asking yourself what are the key products you should have in your bathroom and toiletry bag? The list below breaks down all the must-haves for an optimal skincare routine that is easy to put into action.

Shaving Cream

Depending on how fast your hair grows, shaving can really do a number on your skin. Selecting the right shaving cream should be a thoughtful process based on your skincare needs. Pacific Shaving Company has a number of all natural shaving creams that are ideal for keeping your skin paraben free. The Caffeinated Shaving Cream helps to promote healthy skin and is loaded with antioxidants which help fight free-radicals known to be linked to premature aging.

Face Wash

Giving your face a once over in the morning with body soap is not the best way to keep your skin looking youthful over the years. Opt for a face wash solely made for your face! The Jack Black Face Buff/Energizing Scrub with Vitamin C will energize your skin each time that you use it. Using this wash before shaving will promote a smooth surface giving you a cleaner shave. Clogged pores lead to dull skin, the small scrubbing particles help to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Using this regularly with also help eliminate ingrown hairs!

Eye Cream

The All About Eyes Eye Cream from Clinique hydrates the eye area, which is usually the part of your face that shows the first signs of aging. By nourishing fine lines around the eyes, it helps to soothe and brighten this delicate part of the skin.


Production of oil on your face is necessary, but looking too oily is never a good look. The Lab Series Collection Oil Control Daily Hydrator is an oil free lotion that delivers a light hydration while controlling excess oil. As a result, you immediately trade in the shine and the appearance of enlarged pores for healthy-looking skin.


This product is one of the most overlooked items when it comes to cultivating a balanced skincare routine. Making sure your toner does not contain alcohol is key, this ingredient tends to dry out the skin giving you a more mature look. Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner is an excellent option for all skin types especially dry and sensitive skin. Use the toner after washing your face to remove any excess build up. The Thayers-Alcohol free Petal Witch Hazel Toner is also alcohol-free, certified organic, paraben free and another great option to have on hand!

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Fitness Files: Courtney Romano

I met Courtney Romano through a mutual and amazing friend Chelsea Bonosky. After a fab workout session with Chelsea at Wundabar we stopped at Juice Press to get a juice and chit chat about life and our career paths. She insisted on connecting me with Courtney (fellow boss babe) and I am so glad she did! Courtney is an author, speaker, trainer, and coach. Her spiritual philosophy mindfully re-patterns how we think from the inside out and induces a state of compassion that can have an immediate impact on our bodies, minds and the world around us. Courtney teaches Feel This Burn classes in NYC and co-founded Dream. Set. Make., immersive experiences that transform inner change to external action. 

NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority? 

Courtney Romano (CR): Fitness snuck in through the back door of my life. I've danced since I was a little kid, went to college for Theatre and Dance and then worked for ten years in musicals, so I've always been moving. When I got sick of bartending in between gigs, I started auditioning for fitness studios. There was one point in an audition where I was holding a plank for what seemed like 57 hours, when it struck me that it wasn't about how strong I was, but how gritty, how determined, how resilient I was. That was a distinctive moment when I realized fitness could give me so much more than just a beach body or paycheck. It could give me a sense of self-worth, which, especially as a woman, is something I'm always trying to fortify.

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow? 

CR: I'm a sucker for a good smoothie. I love housing everything at Beaming when I'm in LA, but I came up with my own concoction of banana, spinach, blueberry, maca, cinnamon, peanut butter and almond milk when I'm at home. Also, edamame is a great little pick-me-up in the afternoon when I need a snack. And after dinner, turmeric tea is my jam.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated? 

CR: I have a very consistent morning routine that took me about a month or two to get down. I meditate for at least ten minutes. Next I journal stream of consciousness (aka: brain dump) for three full pages (I got this from the book The Artist's Way). And finally, I list three things I'm grateful for. With that list, I try to make my gratitude very much about the here and now—the light coming off the clouds, the funny thing my cat is doing, the heat from my blanket. I'll also write that I'm thankful for my husband and family, but if I attach my gratitude to little, tangible things, I find that I'm much more open to noticing them the rest of the day. Just those three things help me clear my mind, slow down and respond instead of reacting. This is especially helpful at the end of a plank series or a difficult sprint on the bike. 

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites? 

CR: I am a super fan of (and teach through Feel This Burn) bodyweight resistance training. I love bodyweight training because it forces your entire body to work as an integrated whole, starting with your core. The more I do strength training this way, the more I shed fat and develop tone. Other than that, I love sweating at FlyWheel for my cardio boost, Y7 Studios to lengthen and stretch or just running the sidewalks of Queens in prep for racing season!

For more information on Courtney Romano check out her book The First Ten Years: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Creative Longevity, is available on Amazon. For more, visit: 

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5 Spring Cleaning Fitness Tips

Book An Appointment
Have you been to the doctor yet?  Book your yearly physical as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity to make sure you are in tip-top shape before tackling any new fitness regimes. 

Enjoy the Fresh Outdoors
The weather is getting warmer, now is the best time to take your fitness routine outside! Outdoor workouts have been recognized for the positive effects it has on individuals mentally. 

Protect Your Skin
If you plan on spending more time outside make sure to protect your skin with waterproof SPF 15. Be smart and lather up!

Revamp Your Pantry
Now is the perfect time to get rid of any tempting gift basket remains from the holidays and reevaluate what you consider to be a "health snack". 

Change of Scenery Needed! 
Book a trip now! Vacations are not only relaxing but mentally therapeutic.

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How to Best Use an Exercise Bike

Outdoor exercise isn’t always possible on a bike. This is mostly the case when it rains, and you simply don’t have the ability to ride a bike in the rain. In most other situations it’s a fantastic choice since you’re going to be riding your bike through nature and you’ll get a lot of fresh air. However, if you don’t have time to ride a bike outdoors, an indoor exercise bike is the best alternative. It’s easy to access, you don’t have to dress for an outdoor biking session, and everything you need is within your reach. It’s best to have a combination of an indoor and outdoor bike so that you can maximize the efficiency of your workouts. We’re here to help you even further! Here’s how you can optimize your workouts and best use an exercise bike.

Adjust The Seat Correctly

Some people never take the time to adjust their seats accordingly and after some time working out on a seat that isn’t adjusted well; their spines start to have issues. This is similar to the problem of not being seated properly while you’re at the computer. It’s especially bad if you work out incorrectly. Before you start an exercise on an indoor cycling bike, adjust the seat, so you’re comfortable. If anything starts to hurt that usually shouldn’t, you might want to re-check the seat’s position. Once everything is set-up correctly, you’re ready to start pedaling!

Adjust The Pedal Straps So Your Feet Can Breathe

One of the biggest mistakes people make while using an indoor bike is that they tighten the pedal straps too hard. This creates a lot of pressure on your feet and can cause pain and various other medical issues. It's best if you adjust the pedal straps tight but not too tight. Imagine riding an outdoor bike – your feet move freely, but they’re also pushing the pedals. Try to achieve the same with an indoor bike. Tighten the straps just enough so your feet don’t fall off and you maximize the efficiency but don’t forget to let them breathe.

If You Can, Adjust The Handlebars

The handlebars are just as important as other parts of the bike. Badly adjusted handlebars won’t do you any good, and your hands will probably start hurting after a while. Let’s cut this one short: Adjust every and any part that you can so it feels comfortable working out! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and nice while working out and badly adjusted parts will do just the opposite.

Mind The Posture

If you ever go to a gym and start working out all by yourself without any instructor’s help, there is a high chance that your posture is all wrong and you aren’t gaining anything from what you’re doing. The same applies here. Your posture is highly critical, and if you aren’t sitting and exercising properly, you’ll cause more harm than good. If you aren’t sure how to ride an indoor bike, then check out some online tutorials.

Pedal Using Your Entire Feet, Not Just Your Toes

It might be tempting to only use your toes for pedaling but, in truth, it’s much less effective. Push your entire feet down on the pedals, and you’ll see that it’s much better and more efficient than by using only your toes. On another note, your toes might get too tired from constant pedaling, and they might start hurting, which is another reason to use your entire feet.

Guest Blog Post: Jennifer O'Neal

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Fitness Files: Rebecca Weible, founder of Yo Yoga

Rebecca Weible is the founder of Yo Yoga! in New York City. Although her teaching style focuses heavily on alignment and even-breathing, she never loses the elements of fun and humor during her classes. Rebecca is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as an experienced teacher due to the combination of her extensive training and hours taught. Yo Yoga! is the only studio in NYC to have its own private roof deck and is also the first studio in New York state to offer weekly Sound Off Experience yoga and meditation classes. Now that is pretty cool! Continue reading the Fitness Files interview below to learn more about Rebecca and how you can take a class if you are in the New York area!

NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority? 

Rebecca Weible (RW): As a child and teenager I was always active and involved in extracurriculars. I grew up at the beach so I don't even remember learning how to swim, just that I loved swimming and being in the water. I took dance classes from the age of 3 until I was 18, played basketball and softball, ran and rode horses and, of course, a bike. Once I went to college, I was less involved in organized sports but still craved movement and activity which is when I became more involved in fitness and yoga which I found I enjoyed more. So it's always been a part of my life and I realized what a priority it was for me once I was in college and more in charge of my own schedule.

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

RW: I love cold-pressed juices. Sometimes I am just not in the mood for a salad so it's a great way to add raw fruits and veggies into my day. I also try to keep dry, roasted nuts around for a quick, healthy snack - perfect for eating before I have to teach to keep hunger at bay until its time for a meal.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated? 

RW: Meditation. I try not to get hung up on the amount of time I dedicate to it each day - some days its easy to sit for 20 or 30 minutes and sometimes it's more about having a mindful meal or taking a few moments to close my eyes and take 3-5 deep, aware breaths. Spending a few moments or just a few minutes once a day can make a really big difference in stress level or putting things into perspective. 

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

RW: Yoga is great for toning, flexibility, and strength and is hands down my favorite form of movement. However, I find that cardio helps to burn off fat and keep me lean. Spin class is my favorite cardio - the loud music keeps me motivated and the interval training prevents me from getting bored.

For more information on Rebecca visit:

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I recently teamed up with the UK brand LEMA Sport to review a few of their latest pieces.  LEMA is an urban activewear brand that has an exclusively developed fabric LEMAWICK that ensures comfort, durability, and wicking effect to keep the body cool and dry.  LEMA Sports Couture is a modern and a sophisticated take on activewear.  I definitely felt chic in and out the gym. 

I can appreciate small details like the Lady bug logo featured on the pieces. This is an emblem for good luck, protection, and love, giving every competent to the fearless LEMA customer.  Founded by Hans & Lema they combined their world travels and years of experience in the fashion industry to come up with a unique line of activewear. 

If you are looking for a way to spice up your spring wardrobe these pieces will do the trick! 

For more information visit:

Instagram handle: @lema_lsc & hashtag #LEMAFUSION

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7 Vitamin-rich Smoothie Recipes That Will Transform Your Skin From The Inside

Protecting your skin is imperative. This is because the skin is the first point of contact with the outside elements and the largest body organ. This automatically means that there has to be accepted standards and practices in skin care today that should be a basic component of your body health regime.

Skincare has been adopted as a daily routine and an essential part of this is healthy nutrition. A healthy diet consists of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and even fats and oils, all in the right quantity. More people are putting heavy emphasis on living healthy lifestyles, and this has caused a ripple effect into skin care procedures.

A good skin protector and moisturizer should be able to protect the skin from irritation, leave it feeling nourished, and ensure that skin hydration lasts all day.

Along with other health benefits, eating well and having an adequate amount of vitamins in your diet will ensure your skin looks and feels young and healthy. Some of the most important vitamins in skin protection include vitamins C, D, E, and K.

These natural skin health boosters will make your skin healthier by reducing dark spots, excessive dryness, redness, rough patches, and wrinkles.

These boosters coupled with vitamins, a healthy diet and the best moisturizer for dry skin will give your skin a flawless and radiant appearance. There is a multitude of smoothie recipes that exist to assist in proper skin care. Some of them include:

The Powerhouse Pumpkin Smoothie

Ingredients: canned pumpkin, Greek-style yogurt, ground flaxseed, avocado, water, pumpkin pie spice.

This smoothie is packed with carotenoids, found in the pumpkin, which assists the body in the production of retinol. Retinol combines with fat molecules in the body to form vitamin A. It is important because it supports the growth and development of skin cells.

Yogurt has 0% fat and is a much healthier alternative to milk.

The Glowing Skin Smoothie

Ingredients: coconut water, bananas, mangoes, kale/spinach, flaxseed (oil or ground), avocado, pineapple

Mangoes, and other deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of carotenoids which are easily absorbed into the outer layer of the skin. This protects the skin from the effects of direct sunlight.

Consuming more of these will transform your skin from looking dull and dry to nourished and radiant.

Coconut water is an exquisite hydrating agent for both the body and the skin. It makes you seem more refreshed and awake.

Banana-Almond Flaxseed Smoothie

Ingredients: almond/peanut butter, bananas, flaxseed, almond milk/yogurt/milk, almond extract, honey/maple syrup/agave nectar.

The ingredients in this smoothie help to reduce skin irritations, inflammations, or skin redness. It does this by softening and moisturizing the skin from within.

The bananas and almonds contain Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E, which protects the skin against damage from harmful sun rays and eliminating toxins that affect the skin.

It keeps the skin conditioned and prevents wrinkles and dark spots.

The Glowing Skin Berry Smoothie

Ingredients: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, honey, flaxseed, kales, water.

The berries in this smoothie are among the best sources of vitamin C and antioxidants that boost production of collagen in the body. Collagen helps protect the skin from any damage caused by the sun.

The fiber and proteins in the yogurt help with retaining the skin's elastic state, and reducing dryness.

It is also important to note that vitamin C is ingested orally; it improves the effectiveness of applied sunscreens and the best moisturizer for dry skin.

The Clear Skin Smoothie

Ingredients: hemp protein, blueberries, dandelion greens, avocado, coconut water, raw cacao powder.

The ingredients in this smoothie are loaded with nutrients such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin D, potassium, and other antioxidants.

This basically means that the smoothie helps in cleaning the liver, and therefore boosts the processes of body detoxification, skin hydration, skin radiance, and clear complexions.

The Berry Blast

Ingredients: mixed berries, hemp powder, almond milk, spinach, grounded flaxseed, bananas.

This smoothie mainly helps in ridding the body of harmful toxins with the help of antioxidants found in the berries.

The Omega-3 found in the hemp powder adds a protective layer below the skin’s outer layer and keeps toxins out. It also keeps the skin well hydrated.  

The Super Green Smoothie

Ingredients: mangoes, kale leaves, celery, orange juice, pineapples, flat-leaf parsley.

The green leaves in this smoothie are rich in carotenoids, which contribute to the healing of wounds and scars, as well as blood clotting. It helps to clear circles under the eyes, stretch marks, and spider veins.


It is important to follow a healthy diet so that what you ingest also contributes to your skin care regimen. A diet full of minerals and vitamins supplements makes for the best moisturizer for dry skin. The above smoothie recipes will help you transform and take care of your skin from the inside.

Author Bio:  Hello, Hannah, here from! I have a lot of experience with skin health and have written several articles that have been published. FixYourSkin has a lot of tips, health advice and DIY recipes which can give you great looking skin without any side effects!

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Fitness Files: Jessica Crow

Jessica Crow is a 500-hr registered yoga teacher in New York City. She has served as a mentor and anatomy instructor on the staff of the 'Life of a Yogi' teacher training by world-renowned yogi, Sri Dharma Mittra of the Dharma Yoga Center in Manhattan. I met Jessica while attending a Global Wellness event earlier this year. After discussing the benefits of Yoga I knew that I had to interview her for my Fitness Files series. Continue reading to learn more about her unique and effective ways of teaching to bring the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies back into harmony for her clients. 

NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority? 

Jessica Crow: I’ve always been exceptionally physically active. I studied ballet, tap and jazz dance from age five to fifteen years. I also ran track, played soccer, and did gymnastics and cheerleading. As an adult I’ve studied belly dance and aerial acrobatics, and I currently dance West African Sabar, strength train, practice yoga, run and bike. I feel really lucky that intensive physical movement was such a large part of my childhood because it’s been so much easier to maintain- I feel it’s ingrained in every cell of my body- the desire for and memory of movement. 

About ten years ago I was living in an extraordinary amount of daily, chronic stress from a very unhealthy relationship and its effects were taking a negative toll on all levels of my body and health- physically, mentally, and spiritually. It was for this reason that I signed up for my first yoga teacher training. I dove deeply into the physical practice of yoga asana and the (very novel to me at the time) practice of pranayama, or breath control. I learned tools to help me calm my nervous system, relieving stress and balancing my mind and emotions. The practice of yoga definitely helped me grow into a better and stronger version of myself- and still does on a regular basis.

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

Jessica Crow: I’m a green juice fanatic. Fresh green juice made with organic veggies like kale, collards, chard, celery, cucumber, lemon, etc always makes me feel energized and purified. I try to have a least one a day. Almonds or sunflowers seeds, either raw or slightly roasted, and avocados with a little Himalayan sea salt and homemade berbers spice sprinkled on top keep me feeling filled and energized for my classes and sessions. I also come from a family of coffee-drinkers- I absolutely love strong coffee and I believe its health benefits outweigh its potential detriment if consumed in moderate amounts. It’s great for the circulatory system- especially before you work out.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated? 

Jessica Crow: Meditation plays a huge role in my life- I teach and guide it, and I practice it every chance I get. Whether I’m working out, commuting, showering, washing the dishes, listening to a friend, eating- I’m constantly bringing myself back into the present moment and trying to see myself as the ‘observer’ of thoughts and feelings as they arise and shift again. I’m constantly receptive to learning more about how Jessica operates on both conscious and subconscious levels.

I think the practice that most affects my motivation is prayer, gratitude meditation/ journaling, and creative visualization techniques. The more I appreciate what I have and what’s working in my life, the more I feel supported in moving towards new goals and bigger successes. Visualization techniques help me get comfortable with being there in my mind and psyche before the circumstances even manifest in my environment, which helps me to accept them more easily when they show up- allowing me to move on to the next step on my path. All of these practices sustain forward motion and personal evolution for me.

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

Jessica Crow: First I change my mind about how I *feel* about my body (meditation and visualization all the way here). Then I switch up my fitness routine to something that really challenges me- mind and body. I’ve jumped into styles of dance I’ve never even heard of, or dropped into a muay thai series or spin class or rock climbing center. Once I took the metro-north an hour out of the city and hiked a 5-mile mountain trail that I’ve never been to before by myself. It’s so important to change it up. 

I’m a huge fan of cross-training. I think it develops the muscles in a more balanced way, and switching styles of movement and heart rates and even your exercise duration and environments creates a more elaborate and functional neural network in the brain- which ultimately controls your body’s daily energy output, reflexes, sleep patterns, pain or comfort sensations, food cravings, and I believe even creative output- to a large extent.

For more info on Jessica visit:

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Get Workout Motivation Through Your Clothing

When working with clients I stress the importance of finding ways to get motivated to achieve weight loss goals. I had one client that was so determined to fit back into your favorite LBD (Little Black Dress) that she hung it up on her bedroom door so it was a constant reminder every day to stay on track!  I decided to practice what I preach and use a few new wardrobe additions from Tobi as a source of inspiration!  

I knew I had a wedding coming up and with this being the first formal event that I would be attending since having my son in December 2016 I was determined to look and feel good. I opted for the Vittoria Midi Dress to wear the day of my friends special day.  When the dress first arrived I knew I had work to do in the gym in order to feel confident in this piece Spanx free! Although I have not reached my ultimate weight loss goal, I felt amazing and confident in this dress last weekend! 

Jumpsuits are something that I have always adored on other people but never found the right one that worked for me! Largely because I have a long torso jumpsuits would never fit the way I wanted them to. I consider my style sporty, so it's important for me to look put together and comfortable at the same time. That's why I fell in love with the This Is It Tie Dolman Jumpsuit also from Tobi. It was the perfect length and I am able to pair it with sneakers or sandals when summer rolls around. It's also great for a quick transition from the gym or even covering up when I am at the pool or the beach in warm weather.  Most importantly I felt stylish and comfortable in the flowy fabric. 

Do you use clothes as a source of inspiration? What pieces are you hoping to rock sometime soon? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! 

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