A few tips and tricks for staying on track with your workouts!

When life gets hectic and fatigue kicks in, sometimes it can be difficult to stay on track with your workout regime.  Below I share five tips from what to wear and how to treat yourself when I need to stay on track! 

1. Laying out workout clothes the night before: This trick helps me to mentally prepare for the workout it's the first thing I see in the morning. 

2. Scheduling workouts: In addition to the classes I teach per week, I add classes that I want to take to my calendar as well. It's a way of keeping an appointment with myself to workout. 

3. Pack a healthy snack/Protein shake post workout. Good habits that are practiced after my workout helps me stick to healthy food choices for the remainder of the day.

4. Treating myself after a grueling/challenging fit session. This could be my favorite facial mask or the sauna, I never opt for treats that concern "cheat foods".

Take a look at a few additional tips from fellow health and fitness experts in the industry including NMFIT! 

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Tips and Tricks to Stay Active While Camping

Camping is a great way to bond, get in touch with nature and score a decent workout too! There are a multitude of options and resources when it comes to camping and selecting the right campsite. Still not sure if camping is for you? Continue reading below to feel fully prepared and convinced that it’s worth the trip!

Health Benefits

Not sure if camping is for you? Consider some of the health benefits:

  • Fresh air
  • Socialization
  • Exercise
  • Less Stress

For the full article visit my column on Binge Magazine by clicking here!

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Take a Moment to Pause and Restore

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Athleta, all opinions are my own. 

Encouraging women to a take a moment to pause and restore from the hustle of everyday life is my kind of campaign. I have teamed up with Athleta to spread the importance of taking a moment to be mindful and restore.

The brand's new line Restore offers lush, comfortable and sustainable pieces for your days off from working out. 

I was personally inspired by these pieces the moment I put them on. The soft and comfortable feel allowed me to just relax. I cashed in my rest day for an afternoon outing in New York walking around and enjoying the summer weather. 




As a new mom, being encouraged to find my moment of calm and restoration is welcomed not only does it help be a better mother but also a better person, business owner, and wife! My new normal these days and time to restore is scheduling a few moments early morning before everyone gets up to get things done for myself. This includes anything from a facial mask, planning out my day with a to-do list, making a healthy breakfast, a motivational read/video or journaling. 

Photo: White With Ease Tank and Restore Black Jogger

Photo: White With Ease Tank and Restore Black Jogger

Take a look at a few of the Restore line highlights:

  • Made from sustainable fabrics that weave in nicely to your wardrobe
  • Ultra lush & comfortable feel
  • Neutral color palette and sheer comfort
  • Relaxed and flattering fit 
  • Breathable organic cotton
  • Seamless, soft, chafe free
  • On trend 
File_000 (3).jpeg

How do you reboot and give yourself needed me-time when you are busy with everyday life? I am going to attempt bullet journaling this week! 

Instagram: @NadiaMurdock

Instagram: @NadiaMurdock

For more information on Restore visit: http://www.athleta.com/

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Interview with Hannah Fastov Founder of Go Dash Dot

Hannah Fastov is the master mind behind the Dash Dot, Infinity Bag! I can't tell you how many compliments I have received on the bag from fashion stylists to fitness professionals! After testing the bag out the first week, I desperately needed to wash it (blame it on the sweaty workouts). I was thrilled how well the bag maintained its shape and structure after the first and second wash.

Finding the right bag that can double for everyday and gym use isn't easy. This is one of the many reasons Hannah created the Infinity Bag. Continue reading my interview with Fastov to learn more about her love for fitness and how her customers are responding to this lifestyle must-have. 

NMFIT: I love how diverse the bag is, it really is a commuters dream. What response have you gotten from consumers thus far?

Hannah Fastov (HF): The response has been truly amazing. When I first started designing the bag, I considered what I wanted in a carry all, but I also took a survey of over 100 women between the ages of 23-55 to find out what others believed was lacking from their everyday bag. The overarching theme was that there are never enough pockets! Taking the time to research my target demographic helped me hit the nail on the head with the Infinity bag and incorporate features I may not have thought of. I have received so many emails from customers expressing their love for the Infinity bag, how much it can fit, and all the different ways you can use it, in addition to an everyday gym/work bag. For example, one customer reached out to describe how she uses hers as a baby/diaper bag. Another woman explained that as a single working parent, the Infinity bag allows her to leave her house in the morning with all the items she and her daughter might need during the day and never have to think about stopping home for an outfit change or snack break. Some use it as a travel bag as it is perfect to store under the seat on a plane and there is plenty of room to stuff in that extra pair of shoes you wanted to pack!  I love receiving these notes from clients!


NMF: How would you describe your typical customer?

HF: My typical customer is similar to me, which is why I believe we are seeing such success. She is between the ages of 25-50, ambitious, active, and on the go. Our woman values her health and strives to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle; which may include an early morning workout so she can meet up with friends for dinner and a drink after work. I have also come to understand that our customer appreciates our dedication to giving back to women through our partnerships with women cooperatives across the world. The cooperatives we work with provide women with the opportunity to learn a skill, earn money, gain independence, and build confidence. We work with the South Tribe in Kyrgyzstan and Sherab in Bhutan to incorporate their traditional crafts as handbag accessories. We have also recently partnered with My Sisters’ Place (MSP), which is an organization that raises funds, awareness, and support female victims of domestic violence. With the purchase of a purple tassel made by the South Tribe, proceeds are split between the women’s cooperative and MSP. Many women buy a tassel or additional strap as an Infinity bag add-on to not only personalize their bag but to support the women and feel good that their purchase is making a difference in someone’s life.



NMF: There have been several studies that prove the weight of handbag can lead to shoulder and back pain,  did you take this into consideration when designing the bag?

HF: Yes, definitely! Living in the city and carrying a 15-pound bag with you all day destroys your body; though, as we all know, there are some days you just can’t get around having such a large bag. First, we selected a light weight fabric that is sturdy enough to retain the strength and durability it needs to hold a lap top, shoes, and all of our other stuff! Second, I specifically placed the pockets to help disperse the weight throughout the bag. Finally, I was sure to include a cross body strap so you can wear the whole bag cross body, which I have read is better than weighing down one shoulder. I also designed a backpack, back in stock in early July, which has been proven to be much better for the body. The backpack does all the same features as the Infinity bag and is an alternative silhouette becoming more popular, particularly among city dwellers.

NMF: How do you use your Infinity Bag?

HF: I use my Infinity bag as a mobile office! In the yoga mat/ shoe compartment, I always have a pair of flats or flip flops for when I am running around the city and an umbrella. (yes, you can fit an umbrella in there even with a pair of shoes!) In my front exterior pocket, I typically keep my keys and business cards. I always have my laptop and /or iPad in the padded pocket. In the middle zip pocket, I have my wallet, snacks, and headphones. In the snap in snap out pouch, I typically keep my makeup and toiletries. In the back wall zip pocket, I usually have go dash dot marketing materials, or if I’m going to the gym and showering there, my intimates! And then when I’m running around the city, I usually put my phone in the exterior side pocket because if you leave it slightly unzipped you can still use your headphones to listen to music and be hands-free.

NMF: What's new for Go Dash Dot? Will you be adding new products this fall?

HF: A lot new is happening here at Go Dash Dot! We have launched new colors of the Infinity bag this summer as well as officially launching the backpack and weekender, all with the same Infinity bag features. We are also working on new styles, again with the signature Go Dash Dot features, which we plan to launch this winter!

For more information visit:

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My Favorite Clean Protein Shakes

I like to make my Yuve shake with a banana!

I like to make my Yuve shake with a banana!



All Yuve products are made with love and with the purest, hand-selected ingredients that have been gathered from all over the world.  I met the creator and founder of this awesome product while attending the Healthy Brands Showcase in New York. Lola Sherunkova is a former Russian dancer, she created Yuve with the goal to help others take care of their mind, body and spirit through the best quality great tasting nutrition. 


  • Free of artificial flavors and colors 
  • non-GMO 
  • 100% plant-based


PaleoPro is a Paleo and Athlete Approved protein shake that packs 26 grams of protein per serving. The ingredients are from eggs of humanely raised chickens and naturally raised USDA lean beef. Even if you don't follow a Paleo diet you will love this shake, I know I did! This is the first Farm to Shake protein and recovery powders!  PaleoPro Recovery Powder made simply from sweet potato, eggs, and stevia - full of vitamins, carotenes and naturally balancing electrolytes. A nourishing shake direct from nature. 


  • No soy
  • No dairy
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free 
  • Free of harmful and artificial ingredients



Vega Sport

If you’re an advocate of using whole, plant-based foods, eating clean and nourishing your body for optimal health, Vega is another great option! My favorite is the Vega Sport! A complete multi source plant-based protein blend of pea, alfalfa, pumpkin seed and organic sunflower seed proteins.  Helps to support recovery with 30 grams of protein, that includes 6 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)—isoleucine, leucine and valine.  Shelf-stable, these probiotics can survive and thrive—no fridge required.


  • 30 grams plant-based protein
  • 6 grams BCAAs
  • 1 billion CFU probiotics [bacillus coagulans]
  • No sugar added

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Bouncing Back After Child Birth

Now that I am almost 7 months postpartum I wanted to offer tips for returning to fitness post baby. One thing that is important to remember and that I had to remind myself of is that these things take time. I can't compare my post baby fitness journey to anyone else as everyone is different. Once I was cognitive of this I was really able to retrain my mind and body the same way I did when I first began my fitness journey over 15 years ago. 

Connecting and tapping into my fitness network helped tremendously during this time! Below you will find a few pointers from both Sarah Dineen and Tom Holland.  

Sarah Dineen

Now the first tip I would always give is ‘let your body ‘heal’ post birth’ – you have got a lifetime to get fit and only these first few precious weeks to truly enjoy that newborn – so don’t put pressure on yourself to get back to the gym or class, relax, settle into motherhood slowly and when it feels ‘right’ then you can return.

You need to wait at least 6 weeks though if you have had a normal vaginal delivery and 12-13 weeks if you have had a C-section. The reasons for this are to allow your uterus to contract and go back into place, allow your pelvic floor to start to heal and don’t forget that labor – probably one of the longest endurance races of your life! Now if you had a C-section that recovery time is even longer as you have undergone major abdominal surgery and for the first two weeks post birth you shouldn’t even hold anything heavier than your baby – let along drive for the first 6 weeks too. If you have had a c-section then keep an eye on your scar, rub in some baby oil and massage along the scar to stop any tightness occurring, which can and does affect your posture if you allow it. Although they are pretty neat nowadays!

If you kept fit throughout – the chances are you are a fitness bunny and enjoy the feeling of working out, but remember a lot has changed since you last went ‘all out’ in the gym and you need to listen to your body and get back to things slowly and steadily. If you rush back to exercise too quickly and your pelvic floor hasn’t healed (depending on your delivery those who needed interventions such as vontose, forceps or an episiotomy you will need longer to reconnect with your pelvic floor and prevent a prolapse) Seek out a professional trainer who specializes in postnatal recovery and either follow them online (like my online postnatal 360 course which you can either follow a Pilates 10 week program or a fitness 10 week program) or attend a class where you know you will be in safe hands.

Once you do start an exercise program though, really stay in tune with your body, if it doesn’t feel right then it might not be and you may need to rethink your approach. Whatever you do, don’t start with sit-ups and crunches – they won’t help your core! And if you have had a divarication (separation of the abdominal muscles) then this is a big NO NO – and you will always have a ‘mum tum’ as the crunches and sit ups will load your abdominal wall causing it to push out, rather than reconnect and get strong once more. There is a simple check you can do to see if you have got a divarication click here to see my demonstration https://youtu.be/aiQsDLkm1YE

If you do there are rules – no sit ups, no twisting no planking – nothing that domes your abdominal wall and loads it. Instead, lots of pelvic tilts, legs slides, and controlled core exercises are more effective.

Being restricted from doing any high impact workouts was very hard for me, I couldn't wait to hit the gym and resume my regular routine. The Bowflex TreadClimber is known for its low-impact, calorie-blasting walking workout. Having this equipment in the home helped me slowly regain my endurance before I was cleared to resume my high impact routine again. Tom Holland offers more of his tips below!

6 and half months postpartum

6 and half months postpartum

Tom Holland

Walking is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to start or get back into shape. It’s great for people recovering from an injury or child birth because it is low impact. With the TreadClimber, we’ve improved upon walking by combining the motions of a treadmill, stepper and an elliptical to burn up to 2.5x the calories of a treadmill. The moving belt lets you walk forward like a treadmill, and as you move forward, you step up like a stair climber. With each step the treadles rise to meet your feet, making a smooth, low-impact elliptical motion.

When working out on the TreadClimber the perceived exertion is lower than the actual exertion – so people are able to stay on it longer and burn more calories as a result. Another added benefit is that the TreadClimber workout can be done safely and conveniently from your home.

The top-of-the-line TC200, which launched in late November 2015, features updates that make it easier for users to integrate with the technology and devices they're already using. For example, Users can set, monitor, and track personal fitness goals with the free TreadClimber App and integrated Bluetooth® connectivity. The app syncs with MyFitnessPal®, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, Under Armour Record and Bowflex Connect.

For more information on a fit pregnancy visit NMFIT Baby!

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5 Ways to Keep Yourself Fit


“Fit should not be the destination but it should be the way of life” the person who understands the value of being fit would surely relate to it. In today’s life which is moving at such a fast pace, we have completely changed our way of living from eating habits, to physical exercise or anything else which has directly or indirectly impacted our body very badly.

Physical as well as mental issues which used to happen at old age are now becoming common in children and youth. Children and youth are suffering from the problem of obesity and overweight which will ultimately lead to heart diseases, low blood pressure etc. The need of the hour is to take it as an alert message and change our lifestyle so that we can lead a healthy and fit life.

Being healthy doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym daily and do an hour of exercise but instead make a few small changes in your daily life which will lead you the ultimate success of a healthy and fit life.

Not sure where to begin? Below are some of the ways to help you achieve a fit life:

Change Your Eating Habits: The last t time you went to the supermarket, what did you purchase more? Processed food or junk food? It's important to evaluate your purchases you may think you are leading a healthy lifestyle when it is the exact opposite. Move towards natural things, whole grains, and power foods. Try to include green vegetables, meat, and fish. Anything high in protein will help you to create a balanced meal.

The problem with processed foods is they all undergo chemical processing which makes them higher in sugar value but low in nutrient value. Unfortunately, children and youth consume the maximum of this processed food as they are easy to cook and taste good but it completely destroys their immune system. 

“Eating an Apple a day keeps the doctor away from you” apply that principal in your life but don’t limit yourself to apple eat as much as fresh fruits you can they provide necessary water as well as nutrients to your body. 

Drink Loads of Water: Start to imagine you live in a desert and need to drink as much water as you can, whatever will help you to achieve this goal is worth a try! Our bodies comprise more than 60% of water and other fluids which help our body digest, absorb creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients from one part of body to the other and most importantly maintains the temperature of body. It also helps you in losing weight. It purifies your kidney by removing the unwanted Uric acid.  Opt for water instead of high-calorie drinks like soft drinks and juice. Drinking at least 6 liters of water a day provides you with headache relief, increased energy, boost in Immune system and even improves the complexion of skin.

Involve Some Physical Activity: Try to do plenty of exercises and partake in physical activities as often as you can. Head to the gym or local workout studio to rack up some cardio exercises in your weekly routine. Cardio is beneficial if you are suffering from obesity, want to increase your endurance or need to switch up your workout routine. It will also make your heart work properly and keep you away from heart and BP problems.

If you can’t make it to the gym try to do yoga or meditation at home to score some mental relaxation and squeeze a short cardio routine before!  Other quick fixes include walking to work, the store or opting for stairs vs. the elevator.  If it's in option hop on a bike and head to work instead of your car. 

Take Proper Sleep: Sleep is something people underrate and take for granted. With a busy schedule sleep often gets compromised and put on the back burner.  Doctor’s suggest at least 8 hours of sleep for a healthy and fit body. Sleep is important for your body as much as food and water. 

Try to be Socialized and Happy: Try to understand life is not only about working and making money. Having a positive social circle (does not need to be a big one) and becoming more sociable will help to release the stress. When you are happy you can concentrate more on work and give your 100% effort towards everything. Remember “Happiness is the key to Success.”

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Fitness Files: Michelle Spore founder of CollabFitness

Michelle Spore

Michelle Spore

Michelle Spore is the founder of CollabFitness, an online home for live fitness events, classes and much more.  Michelle launched her company in 2015 out of a desire to make friends with other people who enjoy sustainable fitness and well-being. She delivers safe, effective and fun fitness experiences while still providing individual focus on effective training. Michelle is a certified in many different disciplines including Les Mills GRIT, Les Mills SPRINT, HIIT, Bootcamp and POP Pilates™.  She is also a Group Fitness National Presenter and has Group Exercise Certifications from ACE, AFAA and NCCPT

I had the opportunity to meet Michelle in person when I was getting certified in Pop Pilates last year at 24 Hour Fitness.  At the time I was pregnant and Michelle was so kind when sharing modifications during my training.  We instantly clicked and became Instagram buddies!  Continue reading my interview with Michelle to learn more about her background in fitness and how she continues to train her mind and body. 

NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority? 

MS: I always loved moving. Dancing, hiking and playing sports along with some group fitness. When I was younger, I played volleyball beginning in elementary school and throughout high school and into college. I began running with my father (begrudgingly) in high school. He was a marathon runner and I suppose he wanted to share that interest with me. (I do enjoy a good walk or run now that I’m older, so thanks, dad!) I also started Jane Fonda exercise videos in high school and loved them. I moved on to exercise DVDs after that which helped me adapt to group fitness classes at local gyms. Second, I love to teach, education was my degree in college. So later in life, at the ripe age of 40, I got into fitness instructing and personal and group training - a perfect marriage of my love of fitness and education.

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

MS: Nuts, seeds, guacamole, hummus and a TON of spicy peppers. I feel like a get a lot of bang for my nutritional buck when I eat something spicy. I stick with a lot of espresso and water (americanos!), pulling about 6-10 shots of espresso a day for my husband and me in the mornings! We’re in the Seattle area… what can I say? And if I’m bored with water, I turn to infused water (fruit in water), or sparkling water.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated? 

MS: Beyond the inspiration of my family, I have to say that I’m a practitioner of the art of self-encouragement. There are frequent days when I am very discouraged, but instead of ignoring it, “muscling through it,” or letting it overtake me, I kind of embrace it and talk about it. (Yes as in, “What’s up Discouragement, how you doin’?" type of thing…) I am human after all, and being discouraged is a big part of it. But I continue to move, and I really do a lot of self-encouragement… sometimes people hear me talking to myself out loud! ("You got this Michelle! Keep going!”). I love to do this because the encouragement spills over into my relationships and my classes. I’ve done this so much that people often tell me how positive and uplifting I am. This cracks me up because, to me, I can be such a downer. But I love to smile, keep moving and focus on all the things I CAN do…. that keeps me thankful and motivated. That keeps me strong.

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

MS: OK, so if I could do it all I would. I really love moving in so many ways! I love power and strength. Agility, SAQ, athletics, etc, all rev me up. And pure strength training elevates me to no end! Recently I have gotten more and more into mind-body types of movement (pilates/yoga). I’ve done yoga all along (those fitness videos), but have run into some incredible teachers that have helped me a ton with positioning and technique. I also love to living room dance with friends and family (it’s hardcore!). I tell people I’ll be that 90-year old master fitness instructor on a cruise ship or some sort of resort that people are dying to get into. 

For more information visit: http://collabfitness.com/

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Sun and Sunnies: Tips for protecting your skin while being active outdoors

Earlier this month I co-hosted a Sun and Sunnies event with Elaine Yu at Bloomingdale's in the Short Hills mall. As Elaine shared summer must-haves this summer I revealed ways to protect your skin from the sun while being active outdoors.  Every skin type is susceptible to harmful UV exposure. Look out for questionable ingredients that include oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate, these ingredients have been linked to hormone disruption. With the holiday weekend, my tips below will come in handy if you are active or just soaking up some sun! 

Customers tried my Coffee Smoothies sign up for my newsletter to get free recipes!

Customers tried my Coffee Smoothies sign up for my newsletter to get free recipes!

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Tips while working out in the sun

  • Add a thick layer of sunscreen to your forehead if you are being extremely active. 
  • When out and about opt for moisturizers for the face and body making sure it has an SPF in it.  
  • Plan on applying sunscreen 30 mins before heading out and make sure to apply liberally everywhere. 
  • Make sure to reapply every 2 hours and every hour if you are sweating. 
  • With the summer here eating foods rich in antioxidants help to protect the skin from sun damage. 
  • Use water resistant sunscreen or sports sunscreen, this is best for sweaty activities.

Try selecting protective gear

  • If you plan on playing a sport or activity and will be in the sun a long time this is key. 
  • Cotton offers the least amount of protection, keep that in mind when selecting looks for the beach. 
  • Nylon/nylon-polyester blend is the best option when it comes to fabrics.
  • Clothing should have UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) woven in. 
  • The higher the UPF the better the protection. 
  • stick to clothing with a tight weave.

Think about your eyes and protect them!

  • When your eyes are over exposed to UV rays that can lead to Cataracts or Ocular Melanoma (an eye tumor)
  • Opt for sunglasses with UV and UVB protection

Fitness Files: Laura Sachs

Laura D. Sachs has been actively involved in the fitness and health fields for over twenty years. She is the creator of E-MOTION® Mind/Body Yoga Walk and Relaxation Audio(s) and Mind/Body Fitness Video Program. From wellness coaching to Yoga, Laura knows the importance of the mind and body working together as one. Continue reading her Fitness Files interview below to learn more about her background and love for fitness.

NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority?

Laura Sachs (LS): I have always been active, ballet, synchronized swimming and “song leading” when I was in high school.  *Song leaders were not cheerleaders.  We did aerobic dance movements and cartwheel splits.

After college, I began doing yoga by following Richard Hittleman’s book, “28 day Yoga Program". Found though, when I was a young mother there was no time to workout.  I practiced yoga on my own.  When the boys went to grammar school I carved time out and then got into teaching movement/aerobics because it was a passion for me.

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

LS: An apple sliced, sometimes with peanut butter.  It is clean, sweet and refreshing.  Tea, Republic of Tea green tea with brown rice.  It is smooth and mellow.  Some green teas are too much.  Raw pecans and almonds are another go-to for me.  I keep some in the car in a small baggy if need a boost.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated? 

LS: I have mantras:  “I am fit”, “I am healthy”, “I am loving", "I am loved”  I use to keep in positive mode and on track.  As Todd Durkin says, “Get your mind straight!!”  It is true.  I went to a Jack Canfield workshop in August.  He recommends the same thing.  What is your self-talk?   What do you want to create in your life?  Get these two in sync.   I use gratitude statements as well, “I am so happy and grateful that…”  

I have an inner critic that is hard on me.  I realized I need also to give myself kudos every night for all that I have accomplished each day.  Not just, “I am fit…”  these do keep my attitude on track, but also sincerely acknowledging myself for how I show up every day.  I tell my classes and clients to be grateful for how they show up in their life and the lives of their family and others.  Can we let that sink in and truly appreciate our contribution?

NMF: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

LS: I talk to my college students at University of San Francisco about the Sheldon Somatotypes.  We all inherited a certain body type.  Even though none of us are a pure mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph, we own the strengths and characteristics of our prominent type(s).  I am a meso/endo combo.  I have strong thighs and will never have 501 jean legs.  I have a waist and a bust.  So there you go!  I do several types of workouts.  Cardio with weights, barre, yoga, reformer, and cycling.  I love to move and moving equates keeping my energy up.  For me, it is not the scale that matters.  How I feel in my body matters.  I may need to look at my activities and habits to ascertain where to trim diet/habits or where to increase activity.  I am very active.  I also listen to guided meditations to recharge and stay productive.  I have created 5 5-minute meditations that are meant to be done seated.  Before an appointment, I can sit in my parked car and listen.  Even listening for 5 minutes, becoming aware of the present moment and your breath can shift one's energy and recharges one.  Check out my website: laurasachs.com I practice what I teach.

For more information on Laura find her on Instagram @lsachs4 and Facebook @FitFoody

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