10 Hazards of Foam Rolling That will Make You Laugh

We all know that stretching is an important component to any workout but how many of us actually do it?  Foam rolling can really help target your muscles in a distinct way and offer a form of self-massage. By incorporating foam rolling into your regular routine you not only decrease your risk of injury but it is super relaxing too!  We have all had that uncomfortable scenario at the gym where someone might be enjoying their foam roller a little too much. Below are 10 situations to be aware of while foam rolling with others! Happy Friday! 

The awkward position you get in to hit the spot.

The moaning that follows when you hit the “tight spot”.

As people walking by you with a questionable look all you want to do is scream“Pull your head out of the gutter- I am foam rolling!”, but instead all can do you is moan.


Foam rolling your hair....

Long hair don’t care is true….until you foam roll and forget to pull up your mane into a bum. One fist full of hair later, you have great upper back mobility. 


The potty mouth roll.

The crying, screaming and cussing that unexpectedly comes out of your mouth… excuse the expletives I am just foam rolling my quads and lost emotional control. 


Rolling up your shirt.

The roll away....comeback!

The roll away foam roller- We’ve all been guilty of a foam rolling fail. We all have to start somewhere right? 


Sweat like a pig, look like a fox!

Getting the sweats because it hurts so good…  Whoever said “foam rolling isn’t causing the pain, but removing the pain” was lying. 


Game face aka foam rolling face.

Your foam rolling face.  And the fear that someone tags you in it on Facebook. 


Stop drop and roll.

When you get a muscle cramp you immediately stop drop and roll… no matter where you are. 

In love...

Falling in love with your foam roller… new relationship status? 

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