3 Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Create an at Home Gym On A Budget


Having an at home gym no matter how big or small is a great alternative for when you can’t make it to your favorite class at the gym. Remember no excuses, so no matter if you are crunched for time or the weather is bad you always want to have a plan B when it comes to working out. 

Try utilizing these tips! 

Invest in equipment: Keep it simple especially if space is limited.  As time goes on you can always expand and add items little by little.  Start with handheld weights, kettlebells, resistance bands and/or a jump rope.  You may even want to include a few at home workout DVD’s to keep your workouts interesting.

Carve out a space: Whether it’s your basement or a small section in your living room claiming the space and committing to it is key.  If you are bouncing around your from the bedroom to the living room to the basement you are less likely to stay focused and stick to an at home workout.


Personalize your gym:  Perhaps adding a mirror or posters of inspiration? Make sure this space will keep you motivated and get you excited about working out at home. 


Training minds, changing bodies!

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