4 Beauty Looks to Try This Winter

When I think of winter, the most iconic image that comes to mind is of snow gently falling from the sky as it blankets the streets and twinkles in the moonlight. Designers had that same image in mind as they were creating their collections for fall and winter. Across numerous cities and designers, many trends were reoccurring which seemed to be inspired by the glistening snow of winter and the contrasting colors of fall. With that in mind, here are 4 tips to create a winter-inspired beauty look.

Gold Eyeliner

Designer Zac Posen used shimmer, sparkle, and sequins with gold and silver eye shadow. The effect made the eyes glimmer when the light caught the sequins, which were highlighted by the gold and silver eye shadow.

Smokey Eyes

This one isn’t a new trend, but it is perfect for fall and winter. Backstage at Diane von Furstenberg, Pat McGrath said the tip to getting the perfect smoky eyes was to blend until you think you can blend anymore – then keep on blending.

Lash Add-ons

Backstage at Carolina Herrera, models had silver sparkles added to the tip of each eyelash to resemble a water droplet from a melted snowflake.

Bright Foundation

Nina Ricci used a bright foundation to give the models a healthy after summer glow that can last all winter long.

Guest Blog Post: Rose Wheeler 

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