5 Must-Haves for a Beachbody: Apps to Products that make it Easier and More Fun

#1 - A Delivery Box Program: When you are trying to create a new healthy lifestyle a boxed program is the best way to discover health and wellness products, recipes and fitness tips! My favorite is BuluBox, from supplements to snacks I have discovered several new products. Other popular box programs included SmileSnack, Healthy Surprise, Foodzie and much more!

#2 - Fitness Tutorials (In Person or Online): From online streaming classes to group-ons there are so many ways to discover new and exciting workouts, and do them from anywhere. Trying online options like Fit Fusion that brings together well known fitness professionals all together on one platform is a great way to keep your workouts exciting this summer.

#3 - Fitness Apps: It’s like having a fitness buddy at your finger tips! There are new fitness apps being introduced everyday! Make sure to explore and test out the various options until you find the right app to suit your needs. 

#4 - Proper Gear: What is this seasons most innovative and new fitness gear? From sports bras with sweat resistant pockets to compression tights to make your workout work for you any bit of motivation that will get you sweating is key to achieving your goals. 

#5- Create an Adventurous Workout: Keep your fitness routine fun with workouts that will keep you outdoors and sweating. Activities like hiking, mud runs, and trapeze classes will keep you wanting more! 


Training minds, changing bodies!

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