5 Prenatal Workouts To Try in NYC

I am definitely a HIIT junkie when it comes to my workouts, before my pregnancy these types of workouts are what made up a majority of my fitness regime. Once I discovered I was pregnant I started exploring new ways to stay in shape and still challenge myself on a regular basis.

I often find myself working out in New York for either a fun meet up or a launch event. Below are 5 workouts worth trying in New York City during your pregnancy. 

Tip: Never start a new workout routine during pregnancy and always ask your physician if you are cleared to workout! 

1. Pop Pilates: These classes are taught at 24 Hour Fitness locations and individually by certified instructors like me! I have been teaching Pop Pilates classes for the majority of my pregnancy, as I progress I have been doing more coaching than teaching since many of the moves involve the core. I would recommend this workout ideally for your first trimester although there are a number of modifications you can make throughout your pregnancy.  The class takes traditional Pilates moves and marries it to popular music for a fun workout!

2. Pure Barre: As a barre instructor I love trying all types of barre classes. Pure Barre has been a treat, sometimes it's nice to be the student. The class offers several modifications so I felt I was getting just as much of a workout as everyone else.        

                                                                                                                               3.Yoga Works: There are a total of 5 locations in New York, I visited the beautiful SoHo location. They have a number offerings that include group classes, prlvate classes, workshops and much more! Although they don't offer prenatl classes they do have slower stretchier sessions that are great for opening up the hip flexeors and preparing you for birth.

4. Kadampa Meditation Center: Calming the mind and body is SO important during pregnancy and often times hard to do . Between the anxiety, morning sickness and your everyday life, you might find yourself more stressed out than usual.  Practicing meditation has helped to calm me as a first a time mom, the rejuvenated energy is also good for the baby!

5. Treat While You Train: This workout is offered at most 24 Hour Fitness locations. We spend so much time going hard in the gym that we often times forget to stretch and treat those muscles so that they can remain strong and limber. This gentle workout is ideal for transitioning into a lower impact routine and elongating muscles. 

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