5 Rules to Look Stylish at the Gym

Working out regularly is one of the best ways to stay in shape, and there are so many great benefits to going to the gym! Just because you want to work out doesn’t mean you can’t also look stylish while exercising! The recent rise of athletic wear has led to a boom in stylish options. Gone are the days of boring shorts and an old t-shirt. Now, you have more options than ever for rocking your personal style at the gym. If you want to work out at your highest level, you need the right confidence! Here are 5 rules to look stylish at the gym.

1. Choose the right material.

There are a lot of different material options nowadays. It’s no longer limited to just cotton or spandex! With so many different clothing materials to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the different options. You’ll need to make sure you’re choosing the right material for your body. Since you’ll likely be sweating a lot when you work out, you need something that will keep your body cool as you move. Look for moisture-wicking materials that pull the moisture from sweat away from your skin as you work out, keeping you feeling better longer! Synthetic blends are actually better at keeping you feeling cool and in control at the gym!

2. Look at the trends.

There are trends for just about everything nowadays. While you shouldn’t exclusively rely on trends to find your next athletic wear wardrobe, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull inspiration from top looks! You’ll even find athletic clothes on the runway, and you might just find what you’re looking for. Watch the trends to see what’s currently in style at the gym. You might follow popular fitness influencers on Instagram or even just see what other people are wearing to your workout class!

3. Incorporate your own style!

Just because you’re looking towards the trends doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate some of your own unique styles! What colors are you most drawn towards? What prints look the most flattering on you? Feel free to experiment with new things, but don’t be afraid to be yourself. You might even want to go custom with your style with custom t-shirt printing! Whether you’re drawn toward classics like sports bras and high-waisted spandex or cropped jackets, you should feel confident in your own style at the gym.

4. Think layers.

It can be hard to anticipate how you’ll feel in the gym. You might find yourself overheating or even needing to put on extra layers if you’ll be walking in the cold. The right work out clothes means knowing how to layer. Having more than one layer you can take on or off during your workout means you’ll be ready for anything! Your workout gear needs to be versatile! You should be comfortable going from the gym to a run or vice versa! Similarly, your summer gear might not be a good fit for the wintertime, and layers make it easy to transition between seasons. Layers are a must when it comes to gym style!

5. Don’t forget the extras.

Being prepared at the gym is about more than just wearing the right clothes. You also need to bring the right gear! If you have long hair you might add to your current style with a stylish headband or hair tie. If you’ll be commuting to the gym from work or class, you might need a trendy bag to carry your change of clothes. Your extras should complement your outfit and help you perform your best during every workout! Don’t load yourself down with things you don’t need, but also be prepared!

Look your best so you feel your best!

Working out at the gym is a great way to keep yourself healthy and in shape! Luckily, you don’t have to compromise on style when it comes to going to the gym in 2018. There are so many choices to choose from and styles to try, you have your work cut out for you! If you follow the tips below, you’ll become the next trendsetter at your local gym! Go grab your gym bag and have a great workout!

Guest Blog Post: Wendy Dessler

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