5 Ways to Increase Energy Naturally

Guest blog post: Krista Harper

Our energy each day can be drained in a multitude of ways ...from work, exercising, taking kids to practices, and daily chores and errands, our systems can be whittled down quickly, which can leave us feeling tired – and more often than not, reaching for an unhealthy late afternoon pickup such as an energy drink or a handful of candy.


Between supplements on the shelves and easily accessible power snacks and drinks on the market today advertised to “boost” energy, it can be hard to tell what is good for you and what isn’t. Let’s break down five ways that you can boost your energy each day in a natural, healthy way!

Get some sleep

With approximately 30% of the US population not getting enough sleep, this can lead to fatigue and lethargy, and an overall lack of energy. If you can get aim to get enough sleep (7-9 hours each night for most adults), then you’ll notice that you begin to reap the benefits of this energy boosting activity! Sleep also helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, so if you know you are putting your shut eye on the back burner, try and re-evaluate your schedule to get some rest.


Any activity from walking and jogging to kayaking and skiing can all be wonderful ways to boost energy levels. Although it might seem contradictory since you’re doing physical activity – and that can, in a way, make you tired – exercise helps to boost hormones within your body (specifically epinephrine and norepinephrine), which aid in giving you an energy boost when you’re finished hitting the pavement!

Drink water

An energy boosting tip that might not be thought of too often, staying hydrated throughout the day is key for staying ahead of fatigue. Everyone’s water intake needs will vary depending on activity level, temperature, and any possible medications you might be taking. In regards to energy boosting, water is the perfect fluid to consume – and this doesn’t correlate with fluids like energy drinks or sugary coffees!

Quit smoking

Although eliminating smoking all the way around will improve your health, you’ll definitely notice an increase in energy the less you light up. Since the harmful toxins within smoke begin to impose wear and tear on your lungs, after awhile you’ll notice that you’re tired more quickly – and this is because your body can’t transport oxygen to your cells as well as it did pre-smoking.

Prioritize your workload

One of the main reasons that we get tired so quickly (and stay tired) is because our schedules are jam packed with events, meetings, practices, and so on. Being overwhelmed and overworked is a huge factor for fatigue – so putting a list together each day of things to do that are most important to get done is a great way to streamline activities and make the day more manageable.

These are only five of the many ways that you can give yourself an energy boost each day, and in a natural and healthy way! If you’re noticing that you’re tired or more worn out than usual, step back and take a look at your schedule and lifestyle and see where you can make some changes.

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