All Natural Beach Bombshell Collection by Au Naturale

Our skin is the largest organ so what we put on it (you have heard me say this before) is so very important! I was introduced to Ashley Prange the co-founder of Au Naturale beauty line and was excited to learn more about the products that she creates right here in the USA.  Au Naturale is a luxurious line of organic, vegan and non-toxic cosmetics for today's health savvy, socially conscious and fashion-forward woman.  Keep reading to learn more about the line and where you can snag your Beach Bombshell essentials! 

NMF: Why did you feel the need to create Au Naturale Cosmetics?

AP: As I began to detox my body, it was clear there was a need to detox my cosmetics as well. 60% of what goes on your skin ends up in your body.  My efforts to find clean, pure, and organic cosmetics left me with few choices. The products I did find were primarily skin-care, and the few makeup products I found were not professional. There was a clear gap in the market for an organic, vegan, and pure cosmetic line that actually worked. This is where the idea for Au Naturale Cosmetics came from.

NMF: How has the public responded to the line?

AP: Au Naturale Cosmetics began as a niche, ecommerce based business. Due to an overwhelming public response, we have been able to reinvest our profits, expand the makeup range, and get our healthy products into the hands of more women. In short, the public is our biggest advocate.

NMF: What would most women be surprised to learn about their everyday beauty products?

AP: Most women are surprised to learn that their cosmetics are made abroad with little to no regulation in ingredients. They are also shocked to learn that the products they purchase are not recently made; that they could have been made years ago. Au Naturale's products are made fresh, every day. Everything we make is fresh, pure, nourishing, and made in the USA.

NMF: Which items from Au Naturale Cosmetics is a must for you?

AP: I have two Au Naturale products I rush to every morning: My Organic Creme Foundation, and organic lipstick. The Organic Creme Foundation acts like a moisturizer while also adding color. After cleaning my face and letting it dry, I give my skin a drink of our Organic Foundation. It not only has enhanced my skins health, but it has also added ample coverage with a solid dose of SPF. It's a beautiful product.

My second go-to product is our Organic Lipstick in Innocence. It's a simple, yet rich color, that is perfect for every-day use. It stays on all day and moisturizes my lips beyond belief. It's no surprise that our lipsticks sell like hot cakes! They stay on for hours and hours while also healing and nourishing my lips!

For more information regarding Au Naturale’s formulations, mission and products, including online purchasing, please visit their website at or contact Dina Elliot at

Want to test this line out for yourself? Click here for samples!


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