Ask Nadia: How do I balance my workouts with everyday life?


A good friend of mine asked me How do I balance a fitness regiment with school, work, and my social life?

NMF: This is such a great question because not matter how in shape you are this is an obstacle we all faced with at some point in time.  It's all about being committed to your workout schedule both physically and mentally.  Some tips that can help you stay on track are the following

  1. Planning your workouts for the week ahead of time
  2. Find a fitness buddy this can help get you moving on days you want skip your workout.  Another option is joining a running or meet up group that offers support in a group atmosphere. If you have someone you are accountable to you are more likely to stick to the workout. 
  3. Select workouts that are enjoyable, you will find yourself making time for your daily sweat sessions and looking forward to it as well. 
  4. Scratch the happy hour and make it a fitness hour!  Working out with friends can be loads of fun, catch up afterwards with a healthy dinner or delicious smoothie. 


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