Avia Women's Active Wear

I kicked off spring with this look!

I kicked off spring with this look!

It is said that a strong woman never goes out of style. Avia focuses on making their female customer feel good about themselves inside and outside of the gym. I love this messaging because I tell my students and clients that a fit lifestyle exists inside and outside the gym. 

A front runner in the fitness industry, Avia has been capturing the attention of the fit woman since the design launch of the Cantilever sole that revolutionized footwear, to the wicking technology in their apparel. 

I tested out the look above once we were finally blessed with warm weather on the East coast. I really need looks that can help stay dry in between classes and running errands.  Not only did the Avia tank do the trick but it's also super affordable (under $10). As I start to introduce more workouts in the warmer weather I like to know I can stock up on functional and stylish options without breaking the bank!  

Avia styles are available at Walmart and Amazon

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