Avoid Tax Season Stress With A Workout

Feeling the stress of tax season?  Gathering receipts and putting together last minute questions for your accountant can be stressful and draining. So instead of pouring that extra glass of wine or overindulging in sweet treats de-stress by burning some calories during the dreaded tax season!  

Taxes Workout

Here are few workout moves to get a quick burn and de-stress without the guilt! 

Burpees: We all hate them and love them at the same time!  This move can will really get your blood pumping and take your mind off of meeting with your accountant. Switch up your burpees with these    variations-->30 Burpee Variations

Ski Lunges: When I do this workout move I am really focused and especially if there is a mirror. According to Wiki Answers you can burn up to 5 calories per lunge depending on your weight. Add the intensity of a ski lunge and this is a great quickie workout!

Shadow Boxing: Imagine yourself dodging the tax collector (or not) while you move side to side in the mirror.  Shadow Boxing is a great way to warm up the body and improve coordination.  Put on your favorite tunes and rock out to a standard jab and punch combination.  Spice it up by including a bob and weave and increase intensity with 2-5 lb handheld weights. 

A few mental and physical benefits from exercise:

Motivation Booster and Mood Enhancer: You will feel energized and psyched thanks to the flood of endorphins. Now you are ready to tackle the daunting task of completing your taxes with smile.

Ability to Physically Take on Stress: Working out not only relieves existing stress but prepares the body to tackle stressful life triggers that we may deal with day to day.

Reduce Anxiety: If you are feeling anxious about our taxes deadline a good sweat will do the trick. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can reduce generalized anxiety.


Training minds and changing bodies!

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