B-UP Bars (Yup Brands): A Healthy Way to Fuel Your Body

I teamed up with B-UP Bars to share the new and exciting flavors that Yup Brands has to offer. From chocolate mint to peanut butter and jelly getting your dose of protein never tasted so good! Yup Brands are a group of professionals that love to be active with decades of experience in the natural products business.  YUP stands for Your Unlimited Potential, how cool is that? They pride themselves on a great tasting products made with only but the good the stuff!

The bars on average contain 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of fiber. With a large amount of Americans only consuming 15 grams of fiber per day with just one bar you are ahead of the game!  The B-UP Bars also include ingredients that are a healthier alternatives to sugar like Xylitol and Stevia. Additional healthy ingredients include all natural almonds promoting monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate that helps to nourish lean muscles. Natural cocoa butter, real chocolate, monk fruit extract and 100% natural prebiotic vegetable fiber are other ingredients found in the B-UP bars. 

With a substantial amount of protein per bar it's much easier to refuel after workout if you don't have time to prepare a typical protein shake.  Studies have shown that incorporating protein into your diet can help build lean muscle and increase metabolism to burn fat.  According to ConsumerAffairs.com "To improve your metabolic efficiency you only need to alter what you eat and what you do a little bit to experience a difference in how you look and feel." Protein functions as building blocks for bones, muscles, skin cartilage and blood. What you put in your body is so important, even down to the protein bar that you eat! 

B-UP bars are a convenient & delicious and come in 6 delicious flavors… Peanut Butter, Vanilla Peanut Butter, PB&J, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate Mint. Made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, B-UP bars are low sodium and gluten free.  I love this product because so many times we think we are eating something healthy when in fact it's unhealthy.  

On the back of each packaging it says "Life is not about what you are. It's about what you can be. And with the right fuel, B-UP believes you can unlock your unlimited potential." It's like carrying a healthy motivational reminder with you all day!

To test out B-UP Bars for yourself try the trial pack as a way to experience all the flavors. Normally $17.49 for six (6) bars with FREE shipping by add the coupon code "yuptrial" (without quotes), you can purchase the six-flavor Trial Pack for $13.99 with FREE shipping!

For more information visit: http://yupbrands.com/bupbar/ 


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