Baby Magic: Bring a Little Magic To Your Family's Routine


Have you heard the good news?! Baby Magic has revamped their entire product line taking out all the bad stuff making it perfect to use for you and your family. I attended the launch event and was thrilled to learn that the entire line has gotten a makeover! The 2019 collection includes a line up of baby skincare including yummy scents like:

  • Original Baby

  • Sweet Buttercup

  • Lavender Lullaby

Yummy breakfast was served!

Yummy breakfast was served!

Chatting all about Baby Magic!

Chatting all about Baby Magic!

The line is sulfate free, paraben free, no mineral oils, no phthalates and free from talc and lanolin. Much different than it’s original formula most of us might have grown up with. The brand has also expanded it’s collection to include a collection of wipes that are 99 percent water and plant-based. 3-in-1 wipes for the face, hands and body. Two types of pH-balanced cleansing wipes and in the summer they will roll out their A&E Diaper Rash Ointment and Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50.


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