Ballet inspired moves to improve posture and sculpt your body


Rachel Piskin is the co-founder of ChaiseFitness in New York, NY.  I was introduced to ChaiseFitness after attending an Athleta press preview and I have been hooked ever since!  I asked Rachel to share a few ballet moves that can be done at home ( I am thinking  in the AM) to help improve posture and sculpt your body.  Check out a few of her suggested moves to get you in tip top shape. 

1. Curtsy - Holding onto a high counter or chair take a curtsy position with the outside hand on the hip. (Front foot slightly turned out, back foot knee bent towards standing leg, heel lifted and toes presses into floor) bend back knee towards floor and front leg bends at same time. Straighten the standing leg and lift the back knee up to your shoulder. Repeat 10-12 times on each side. Repeat 2-3 sets. For an advanced option place both hands on your hips and balance while performing the exercise. This will strengthen your core, sculpt your lower body, and help improve balance. 

2. Pliés - Holding onto a high counter or chair take a ballet first position. Bend both knees over toes. Straighten legs. Lift both heels. Repeat x15-20. Repeat in all Ballet position (first, second, third).  Focus on engaging your core and lengthening your spine as you bend and strength the knees.  Can let go and perform exercises by holding arms out to side to focus on balance and coordination. 

3. Arabesque- Facing counter or chair place two hands on the surface. Slightly turn out standing leg and bring free leg to the back. Point your toes and engage your glutes and core to rotate your back leg to a turned out position. Lift the back leg 305 inches off the floor and control back to a point. Repeat x15-20 on each side. Repeat with the standing leg slightly bent. Advanced place arms out to side. Focus on your spine staying long, strengthening your back muscles and using your core and glutes to hold the turned out tendu position. 

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