Become a bari Babe

When I was first introduced to bari Studio I never thought twice about a class that involved trampolines and rhythmically choreographed routines, I figured the class would be a fun easy workout. The class was great but far from easy!  I loved how the workout challenged my body in different ways. 

When I went back to bari for another visit I took a 90 min, throwback class! The sweat session was filled with fun moves all choegraphed to music from the 90's! This time around I made a closer observation of the class participants.  I loved seeing all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels!  bari is not an exclusive workout where you already have to be in shape to take the class. Women have transformed their bodies with regular workouts and they keep coming back because it's fun! 

Manager and instructor, Claudia Minde motivates women daily to achieve their fitness goals. She lives in Livingston, NJ with her husband, and two young girls. After having kids she took her love of fitness, coaching, and wellness and started working as a trainer 2 years ago. Shortly after that she became the bari Summit Studio Manager.  She believes in building a healthy lifestyle inside and out and recently added Beautycounter consultant to her list of accomplishments. 

I met up with Claudia last month to discuss and share a few bari moves you can easily do at home in between your sessions. 

For more information on Bari and where they offer classes click here!

Training minds, and changing bodies!

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