Birthing Plan: What to pack for a holistic and healthy delivery

Creating a Birthing Plan was not something I had considered initially but after doing some research I decided to go ahead and create one!  There is no way to know if I will be able to actually utilize or implement the ideas/tips I have put together but as a first-time mom, I want to make sure my birthing experience mirrors my lifestyle as much as possible. 

I really didn't know where to begin with my plan until I stumbled on the example below on Baby With a simple search, you can find a number examples online to get you started. 

The top 5 things on my birthing plan list are the following:

1. Natural Oils: I have been using natural oils on my stomach and to moisturize my skin during the pregnancy. I plan on packing a few bottles of my favorite oils that can be used to both massage and soothe my body during contractions. Born Skincare has an excellent that I have used on my neck, the Source for Sore Muscles

2. Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mist Diffuser: This has become my best friend at home if I can find a way to bring this into the birthing room I think including calming oils like Neroli and Lavender would be a nice touch. 

3. Music Playlist: I have been putting together some of my favorite tunes via Spotify. I made sure to include a few of the songs I have been playing for the baby during the pregnancy as well. 

4. Yoga Strap: In between contractions performing simple yoga moves (if you are up to it ) can help to center the mind and body. I love my colorful strap from Yoga Design Lab that can be used for both seated and standing stretches. 

5. Stability Ball: A stability ball also known as a birthing ball can help with delivery. It's a great tool for stretching, can ease back strain and can also be used to help get the baby in the correct position. I plan on using the ball to rest in between contractions. 

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