Bridgit’s Lunch Box: Lunch Break at BHL Productions

New Year, New You?! I thought I was pretty amazing last year, so I remain the same! New Year, New Lunch is more like it!

The gym is overflowing – and it’s not even swimsuit season yet! Did you know that healthy weight loss is 30% gym and 70% diet? That’s right, your abs are made both with Bridgit’s Lunch Box and Nadia!

On my lovely and long commute, I thought about this statistic as I read the January issue of Self magazine (Jennifer Lopez is insanely inspiring in the cover story – a must read!) and wondered what Jillian Michaels, Vani Hari and Richard Simmons would bring for lunch.

First of all, at my lunch table I would definitely be sitting right next to the fabulous Richard Simmons. He put short-shorts on the map, ladies. His lunch pal would basically be a jack in a box, springing confetti across the room every time he opens it.  Richard would pack coconut water to stay peppy, a turkey and avocado sandwich for energy to crunk on every dance floor in America and a bag of mixed nuts to stay well, nutty.

The fitness Queen, Jillian Michaels would have a powerful lunch to keep her kickin’ butt all day long. Since I’m a personal gym buddy of Jillian’s, I know she loves a salmon salad for lunch accompanied with a protein bar. When she craves a sweet pick-me-up in between 300 squats and 150 pull-ups, she goes for chopped pineapple in cottage cheese. 

Vani Hari is the bombshell behind blog, Food Babe. She’s the gal that informed us all the Subway bread contained the same ingredient found in our beloved yoga mats. She is a big soup eater like me and is all about Mexican Lentil Tortilla Soup. Since she’s sassy, she would definitely pack a crunchy Granny Smith apple too.

The real question is, what will you pack to work this year? Find out what I’m packing on Twitter and Instagram @bridgitslunchxo!

When not eating lunch, Bridgit Kasperski is growing her public relations career in NYC! She is currently the Account Coordinator for BHL Productions, a start-up company that specializes in fashion/beauty public relations and television. Bridgit has also worked for Janine Just Inc. PR agency, Google and SUNY Plattsburgh. She loves to travel, pugs, reads way too many magazines, is a blossoming foodie and believes that public relations and the way we communicate can bring about positive social changes.




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