Brode: The First Hydration Supplement

I was introduced to Brode when I attended an event at David Barton gym in New York.  I was excited to learn about this product since Brode is the first hydration supplement! It is ideal for when you are traveling, as a daily supplement, drinking or just when you need a hydration boost.  It can be taken with any beverage of your choice just like a multivitamin.  The best part is that it's convenient to carry and offers all benefits of an electrolyte beverage without all the sugar (huge bonus).  I personally met the founder Marc Brodeur at the Summer of Creeds event back in June. Continue reading the interview below to learn more about Marc and Brode. 

NMFIT: Why did you want to create Brode?
MB: I wanted there to be an electrolyte product that was more convenient to bring with you and could be taken with any drink, and didn't have the weird fruity flavors of sports drinks. I already used products like Gatorade and Pedialyte, and they were good for what they did, but with a vitamin tablet, you could get the same effect by taking it with any drink. I even often call Brode: "Pedialyte for Grownups".

NMFIT: Are there many hydration supplements out there?
MB: There are sports drinks that have been around for a number of years, and there are effervescent tablets (Nuun is a brand) that you can drop into a glass of water and they fizz and dissolve to turn your water into a sports drink. But Brode is unique in that it is a tablet, and you swallow it with your drink, avoiding any of the weird fruity flavors, and also avoiding the need to have something to dissolve it into. Just pop it like a multivitamin.

NMFIT: What makes your product stand out against the rest?
MB: Brode is a great electrolyte boost, but Brode stands out from the others in a few ways. Brode is special firstly because it is INSANELY portable, and can easily be taken anywhere. Two pouches of Brode can easily be kept in any bag or purse, or even pocket, in a way that a 32 ounce sports drink never could. Then its special tablet form allows it to be taken "flavor-neutral". So whatever drink you have handy, Brode works great with. Lastly, again because of the special tablet form, Brode does not need any sugars or sweeteners to mask the vitamin flavor like other drinks and products do. 

NMFIT: How do you use Brode?
MB: I go to the gym in the mornings three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When I wake up, I am always somewhat dehydrated from sleep. I used to just drink a big glass of water immediately upon waking, but I found that the water would just "sit" in my stomach, and would give a slightly queasy feeling. I never felt great. I realized that the water is "sitting" in my stomach because it doesn't have the proper amount of electrolytes in it to match my body. I now take a single Brode tablet with a big glass of water about 20 minutes every time before I go to the gym. I feel great and hydrated, and it makes my workouts feel that much better!
Secondly, mornings are not the only time that I can get dehydrated! One of the most popular uses of Brode, and I concur, is to take it while drinking your favorite grownup beverage. The electrolytes in Brode help your body stay hydrated while drinking. So if I am having a few beers or cocktails, I'll take two tablets of Brode with them (Remember that the Brode tablets have no flavor!) and I feel MUCH better then next day, or even that night!

NMFIT: What's next for Brode?
MB: The biggest benefit to Brode, why it is special, is how convenient it is. We have great and loyal customers selling through our website at, and a few niche ecommerce partners, but ultimately Brode needs to also be available at corner stores in retail so people can drop in instantly and buy a few pouches. That will be an exciting next step for us!

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