Caring for Your Family Attributes to Self-Care

Bay Alarm Medical Kit was easy to install!

Bay Alarm Medical Kit was easy to install!

This year is all about self-care and I think caring for loved ones attributes to that, it offers a piece of mind. I partnered with Bay Alarm Medical to share their Bay Alarm Medical System.  According to Comfort Keepers "About one-third of the senior population over the age of 65 falls each year, but since many incidents go unreported by seniors and unrecognized by family members or caregivers – this estimate is most likely quite low. Approximately 9,500 deaths of older Americans are associated with falls each year."

Although my parents are fit and healthy as they get older I often worry about their well-being so I shared the system with them to test out for a few weeks. 

Once the product arrived I headed over to my parents to set it up, we pressed the Help button by accident and got an immediate clear response from the dispatch center, an ambulance showed up in a matter of minutes (we obviously apologized for the false alarm). Immediately I felt a huge sense of comfort knowing that if there were an accident someone would be there for my parents if I couldn't be. 

I spoke with my mom to get an idea of how she felt about the system.  She shared the following: 

Getting acquainted with the Bay Alarm Medical system was informative and reassuring.  Time is crucial in a Medical Emergency. This is easy to use with a simple "press" of the help button to activate the system and even if I am unable to state my medical emergency, immediate help would be provided.  I experienced peace of mind in and around the house whether in my chores of cleaning and cooking or, climbing the stairs, exercising or gardening.

There is that feeling of confidence and reduced fear when home alone.

I shared the information on the Medical Alert system with my old friend who was excited as well.


The System includes:

  • In-Home & GPS Bundle (Bay Alarm System) 
  • An additional Help Button for the home 
  • GPS Help Button (comes with charger, belt pouch, and lanyard)
  • Bay Alarm Medical Lock Box 

The GPS Device provided Bay Alarm Medical coverage outside the home for coverage in populated areas (like the market or while driving on the highway, out shopping, etc). 

Max helping grandma with the Bay Alarm Lock Box 

Max helping grandma with the Bay Alarm Lock Box 

The kit arrived around the time of our most recent snowstorm. With news reports of people dying from shoveling due to heart attacks and hypothermia the thought that if they had the Bay Alarm GPS, perhaps their lives could have been saved definitely crossed my mind. 

I also spoke with my dad and here is what he had to say: 

Today more people are living longer or spending more time living alone whether through choice or otherwise.  A Bay Alarm Medical system can become a necessity in case of a medical emergency, or may even allow access to other services with a simple press button, rather than dialing a telephone or seeking the aid of other third persons.

I would recommend Bay Alarm to anyone who wishes to have one.

It could save a life!


GPS pouch is discreet and easy to carry around. 

GPS pouch is discreet and easy to carry around. 

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Disclosure: *This is a sponsored post brought to you by Bay Alarm Medical. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*