Today is National Fast Food Day, it's estimated that Americans will spend a whopping $223 Billion dollars on fast food by the year 2020.  During these busy times, fast food options don't have to be bad ones.

Below I am sharing delicious ways to celebrate this tempting holiday the healthy way. 

Healthy Fast Food Options

Opt for fast food chains that serve healthier options like

Au Bon Pain: Take a look at the menu and you will notice they offer some amazing options for breakfast. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.20.36 AM.jpg

Chipotle: Has a nutrition calculator that can help you stay on track, now how cool is that?  If you select the right items from the menu you can really build a healthy burrito! Stick to beans, loads of veggies like romaine lettuce and fajita veggie mix are a great option.  

Einstein Bros. Bagels Opening a location in New York very soon, you can enjoy your Sunday bagel with a little less guilt. Top your bagel with nitrate free bacon, cage-free eggs, and simple whole ingredients. 

Noshing on veggie dumplings in the city!

Noshing on veggie dumplings in the city!

Mimic your fast food favorites at home!

Simple recipes that are easy to make and will satisfy your fast food craving today are key! Like swapping stir-fry rice with cauliflower stir-fry from Trader Joe's. So good! 

Love dumplings, who doesn't? Make them with veggies by trying this simple recipe

Make a change for your health

Sure it's nice to treat yourself to your favorite cheat meal every now and then but why not create a lifestyle where even your cheat meal isn't all that bad? Listen, I love pizza just as much as the next person but when you eat clean, your body won't even enjoy the foods you once loved. Making a change is important considering alarming health stats like consuming fast food can lead to cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and Type 2 diabetes.


Enjoy today and don't over indulge! 

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