Celebrities Photoshopping Their Selfies Offers An Unrealistic Representation

We are in selfie obessed society with popular songs like #SELFIE and the application SkinneePix which allows you to shave off up to 15lbs off your face in your selfies.  It makes you wonder what kind of message is this sending?!  

Many times young girls and women look up to celebrities wanting to mirror their style, life and body.  So when "real" women (Beyonce and Kim Kardashian) start posting images of themselves that are altered to look smaller it sets an unrealistic goal for the average female and sends a wrong message at the same time. 

Women young and old already have an excessive amount of pressure they place upon themselves when it comes to comparing their looks to their peers but it might be even harder than it has been in the past with social media.  According to Psychology TodayOne solution that has been suggested is to require magazines and advertisers to include disclaimers with the photos either indicating that photos have been altered or providing specific details about how the photos have been altered.  Such disclaimers, it is thought, should remind women that the images in the photo are not real, and therefore should not be considered valid comparison targets.

The good news some magazines are trying to make a difference like Verily, they are taking a stand and vowing to never photoshop their models. The magazine's editor Ashley Crouch told The Huffington Post: "the unique features of women, whether crows feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body, are aspects that contribute to women's beauty and should be celebrated -- not shamed, changed or removed."

Train Your Mind To Love Your Selfie

-Accept your "flaws" they may not be as negative as you think.  Stars like Luke Perry (remember his eyebrow scar) and Dallas star Julie Gonzalo embrace their scars! 

-Try a no filter selfie as often as possible. Editing lighting is no big deal from time to time but posting your true self can be very liberating!  

-Stop comparing yourself! The less you do this the more you will feel "less-than".  Trust me this takes practice but focus on your own journey of self acceptance.  



Training minds and changing bodies!

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