Celebrity Fitness: Connie Britton

Ms.Connie Britton!

Ms.Connie Britton!

Ok let's face it, not only does Connie Britton have an amazing body but her hair is pretty fabulous too!  The star of the hit ABC drama Nashville confesses that she prefers to workout in the evenings and rarely does the workouts on her own.  Her typical day consists of filming spending time with her son Eyob and running day to day errands.  Below are a few healthy tidbits from Britton's life that I might just try myself! 

1. Connie rarely drinks coffee, she opts for Un-Coffee smoothie instead from the New Leaf company in LA. 

2. To keep her immune system in tip top shape she drinks a pack of Emergen-C Lite with fresh lemon and a probiotic powder. 

3.  Favorite meal is salmon and veggies

4.  Her go to snack are almonds and M&M's!

5.  Her preferred workout is Pilates and hot yoga. 

6.  The actress likes to take her workouts outdoors:  "I love walking and hiking and anything outside," says Britton. She's fallen in love with Nashville's parks, especially Radnor Lake, an oasis of trails and wildlife in the heart of the city.



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