Celebrity Fitness: Shakira

Fitspiration: Shakira!

Fitspiration: Shakira!

Shakira was an instant fitspiration to me when I saw her fantastic abs and dance moves back in the early 2000's.  Now after having a baby she continues to remain an inspiration with a dynamic bod and overall realistic approach to health and wellness.  “I’ve worked out every day either running, doing gym work or dancing. I cut out oil, I ate meat just once a week and mainly stuck to steamed fish and vegetables,” says Shakira regarding how she got back into shape after pregnancy. 

Below are just a few ways that Shakira has continued to stay in shape over the years. 

Dance: Clearly this goes without saying, intensive rehearsals is a larger contributor to Shakira's amazing abs and body!

Staying active outdoors: Shakira loves to play tennis and strap on her roller blades every now and then!

Healthy diet: The singer has been working with Tracy Anderson who has put her on a strict diet that includes fish, fruits and vegetables with a limited amount of fat.  Shakira has admitted to not depriving herself of her most beloved chocolate every now then. 

According to Voxxi.com whenever the star does not have a lot of time to exercise, Shakira’s workout looks a bit like this:

  • 60 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Spiderman Push-ups
  • 30 Walking Lunges (15 with each leg)
  • 20 Spiderman Climb
  • 1 minute Wall Squat
  • 1 minute Plank
  • 5 Burpees
  • 1 minute running in place

Repeat for 3 sets. 


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