Celebrity Fitness: Gabrielle Union


At the age of 41 Gabrielle Union proves that age is nothing but a number not to mention hard work pays off! So how does Union stay in shape? The actress admitted earlier this year on Conan that she sticks to "The Porn Diet".  What does that mean exactly?  At her local gym there a number of adult performers that she works out with regularly.  "I'll watch and see what they're ordering...they appear to adhere to a vegan diet based on what they choose."

Union has always been athletic growing up and continued to maintain an active lifestyle into adulthood.  Her regular workouts include walking, running, Pilates and other forms of cardio. When training for a movie Gabrielle will spend up to two hours in the gym five days a week with an hour of Pilates and an hour of cardio.  Coupled with moderation and exercise the actress allows herself to eat what she wants.  

Take a look at Gabrielle's favorite toning exercise, Ball Squats!



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