Christmas Movie Workout: Christmas Cupid

One of the ways I get myself in the holiday spirit each year is by watching a few of my favorite holiday movies.  Whether you don't have time to workout or looking for a fun way to spruce up your regular routine you should definitely try the Nadia Murdock Fit Christmas Movie Workouts!  I fell in love with ABC Family's Christmas Cupid and you will too.  Try this workout during your next girls night in or movie night with the family.


Christmas Cupid with  Christina Milian , Chad Michael Murray  and  Ashley Benson . 

The Workout!

When someone says Christmas do a 30 second plank. 

Each time Christina Milian's character Sloane says Kaitlyn do 10 crunches

Anytime Chad Michael Murray's character is seen wearing scrubs do 10 plie squats.

Whenever Ashley Benson's character Kaitlyn takes a sip of a martini do 10 push ups

When someone gets a splashed in the face with a martini do 10 squats.

Never seen the movie?  Watch it below! 



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