Christmas Movie Workout: Holiday Engagement

This movie really put a smile on my face.   The Hallmark movie Holiday Engagement captures the importance of loved ones and perfect to watch with friends, family or in your own downtime.  Remember this time of year does not have to be stressful, make it enjoyable while relishing in all the joy it brings.  Enjoy the movie and the workout!!

Holiday Engagement

Holiday Engagement

The Workout!

When Jason kisses Hilary do a 30 second right side plank.

When David kisses Hilary do a 30 second left side plank. 

Anytime David sings do 10 reverse lunges on the right and left side. 

If someone says Christmas do 10 side lying leg lifts on each side.  

Never seen the movie?  Checkout the trailer below! 

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For more info visit: Hallmark Channel