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Have you heard of the Clean Energy Patch?  I sat down with the founder Albert Liu to learn more about this natural energy source and how it's working for people ranging from sports professionals to fitness lovers.  The patches are all natural, easy to use, providing long-lasting lasting energy up to 8 hours.  

I tested out my patch for Cardio Dance class and definitely felt a boost of energy when I first applied it.  It's super easy to use, peel the patch off and place it anywhere on your body.  The thing I love is that if you don't have time to prepare a pre-workout drink this patch is great. Throw it in your gym bag for workouts on the go or while traveling!  Another plus is that you don't have to be concerned  with high sugar content  and caffeine found in many pre-workout supplements or beverages.  

Each patch contains only 20mg of caffeine per patch (a cup of coffee is about 90mg), the user can decide how many patches they want to use.  Might be a great way to break your coffee habit if that is something you are trying to do.  Continue reading to learn more and how to grab a few patches for your summer activities! 

NMF: How did you come up with the concept of including an energy source via patch?

AL: Our team of scientists wrote the textbook on skin-based delivery, which is known to be much cleaner than oral delivery methods.

With the negative news surrounding energy drinks, they believed they could design a product that would meet the needs of both competitive athletes and people who weren’t comfortable with the effects of energy drinks and shots.    

NMF: What makes this energy "clean”?

AL: Primarily the fact that it bypasses the gastrointestinal (GI) system and therefore doesn’t create the familiar jitters or queasiness associated with caffeinated beverages.

 Also that there are no additional ingredients to consume - no calories, no sugars, no carbs. And the feeling you get from the patch is really nice, very balanced and uncluttered, clean in the sense of just a simple and pure mental focus.

NMF: How long will the buzz last? 

AL: We describe it as a HUM rather than a buzz. Up to 8 hours if you leave the patch on. Typically, users will wear the patch for 4-6 hours or for the duration of an activity.  

NMF: What is the active ingredient in Clean Energy patches? 

AL: Natural caffeine, guarana and cacao

NMF: How have customers reacted to this innovative product? 

AL: We are receiving extremely positive testimonials from all types of people - champion triathletes, ultra runners, golfers, but also law students, nurses who work late shifts, teachers.

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