Creating a Yoga Space in Your Bedroom

If practicing your poses at home doesn’t seem to inspire the same euphoria and serenity you feel at your favorite yoga studio, it may be time to revamp your personal space. You don’t need a complete home gym to recreate a blissful space to exercise your body and mind, though. Home Improvement Leads understands the sanctity of home, so here are a few tips to help you create a tranquil yoga space right in your bedroom.

Declutter and donate!

Many people are particular when it comes to keeping common areas neat and tidy, but often bedrooms become a catch-all crash pad. Decluttering your bedroom won’t just help you find the space and inner peace that accompany a yoga routine; it will help when it comes time for getting proper rest in the evening. Rid your bedroom of unnecessary items and knickknacks by having a garage sale or donating items to a local resale shop. By not throwing away perfectly usable items, you’ll be reducing waste and earning a little cash—or a tax deduction—that you can put toward your new micro-studio space. Items that don’t need to be on display but are too sentimental to ditch can be neatly packed away in your attic, basement, or even under your bed.

Fit Flooring

Even though you will be using a yoga mat, your body will be much happier on a softer surface than on the the concrete under your current bedroom flooring. If you’ve got carpeting, now’s a good time to consider upgrading to a more allergen-friendly option like ceramic tile or an eco-friendly bamboo option. Once you’re working with a flat surface, you can install interlocking anti-fatigue tiles in your pose area. Twelve square feet is ideal, but make sure you have at least enough room for poses like Prasarita Padottasana. A favorite sustainable choice is cork flooring for its shock absorbency and low environmental impact.

Focus on the Details

Like any spa or even dental office, yoga studios know that comprehensive sensory experience is key to drawing out the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Paint your bedroom in a calm, soothing color, such as robin’s egg blue or even a popular shade of greige (grayish-beige). Whatever color you choose, be sure to use a low- or zero-VOC paint in order to avoid the potentially toxic fumes that traditional paints emit over time. If a ceiling fan is a must for you, whether for yoga time or bedtime, upgrade to a silent model with a dimmable light option so that you can use warm LED lighting in your preferred level as you meditate or pose. And don’t forget about decor. Complement your space with nurturing accessories that help you capitalize on the intention of your practice. If energy is your goal, consider accessorizing with cheery, sunflower yellow pieces and citrus-y scents. If you prefer a more nature-attuned environment, live bamboo, musky incense, and neutral-toned pieces made from responsibly-harvested wood—such as statues, carvings, or masks—will help you absorb the full benefits of yoga—mind, body, and soul.

Whether you’re craving a more reflective, individualized experience or you simply don’t have the time to make it to regular classes, gifting yourself with a bedroom yoga studio is a short-term project that will reap a lifetime of reward.

Guest Blog Post by: Kelley Walters


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