Dealing with change both mentally and physically.

For my 100 Days of Summer series I am diving deep and focusing on all things physically and mentally that can help anyone achieve a strong mind and body.  There will be a ton of juicy content to help support where ever you are on your wellness journey, you can be sure to find the following:

  • Inspiring podcast interviews
  • Recipes
  • Fitness tips
  • Personal stories of inspiration
  • and much more!
Photo: Carley Storm Photography 

Photo: Carley Storm Photography 

To kick off the series, I am sharing tips and lessons I have learned from my own mental and physical changes throughout each wellness journey.  I have to remind myself the same thing I have to remind my clients all the time which is that any sort of change is a process and it doesn't happen overnight. Here are my top takeaways:

Learn something from the journey: I have definitely learned something new each time I had to retrain my mind and body. I have either swamped out previous practices for new methods or continued to implement habits that have worked for me in the past. For example, right now I am taking daily shots of chlorophyll to remove the toxins out of my body. 

Understand the process: It takes time to readjust to new habits and changes in your body. Reminding yourself of this will put less pressure on yourself as you try to achieve your wellness goals. Being aware of this you will be more likely to stick with the new changes. 

Positive thinking only! This can be very hard to stick to especially with hormonal highs and lows. However keeping a positive circle of friends, influences like blogs, books and mental reminders (Ex. post it reminders)  are all helpful daily rituals. 

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