Dealing with the physical and mental changes during pregnancy.

The changes women face while pregnant are a mile long, especially if you are a first-time mother. Adding a new addition to your home seems surreal, you find yourself daydreaming what your unborn child will look like and how your life will change. Throughout the trimesters your body mentally and physically will go through some erratic changes. Below is a brief breakdown on how I coped. 


First Trimester

I was so exhausted during the first trimester, it was a type of fatigue I had never experienced before to the point I was getting concerned. Once I discovered I was pregnant it all made sense but that doesn't mean it was easy to handle. I still wanted to do everything I had done before, teach classes, blog, attend events etc... I had to remind myself I was growing a little human so it was to be expected to feel exhausted. Mentally forcing myself to slow down was an eyeopener for me then and now. 

Second Trimester

This is when I got back my energy, I was super productive and positive during this time. My goal was to get as much done as possible while I had the energy. I had arranged to outsource services for my website during my maternity leave, prepared the nursery and planned my shower! I also took this time to embrace the changes in my body and show off my bump! I Once I was comfortable enough to share my pregnancy I wanted to demonstrate you can be strong and pregnant (if your situation allows for that). I was fortunate enough to not experience any morning sickness or additional alignments that come along with pregnancy. So with that blessing I did what was within my limits from pregnancy pilates to prenatal massages. 


Third Trimester

The home stretch! At this point I could barely move, I was ready for my son to arrive! I couldn't find a comfortable way to sleep at night, I was tired and always HUNGRY. Most of all I was anxious about meeting my little one!

Everything was prepared and now we were just waiting to welcome him home. Mentally I was freaking out, I couldn't believe I was going to be a mom, but at the same time super excited about being one. Due to my fit pregnancy, I had no complications and bounced back fairly quickly. Because my son was such a big baby I did get diastasis recti (most women get this and some don't even know they have it. ) which is a separation of the abdominal wall. 

I can say after meeting and speaking with other mothers I was truly blessed to have had a smooth pregnancy, I couldn't be more grateful.  That gratitude carries on to this day and that's what helps be deal with the ups and downs that come with motherhood. 


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