DO COOL SH*T Workout

I was introduced to the book Do Cool Sh*t by a good friend of mine, once I picked it up I couldn't put it down!  Written by Miki Agrawal the book has been described on Goodreads as An inspiring, irreverent manifesto for those seeking to blaze their own path to entrepreneurship and find fulfillment and happiness through bold action and big ideas.  

I found a lot of the tips and way of thinking offered throughout the book can easily be applied to one's fitness journey as well. The same ambition and drive needed to train your mind for entrepreneurship is the same drive required in order to successfully achieve a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about the book check out the video below!

Miki offers her own Do Cool Sh*t  workout as a way to keep it tight while busy with work. 

Do Cool Shit.jpg

Here is a sample of her workout. 

  • Pushups x 20
  • Lunges x 25 holding 10 pound weights
  • 3 arm workouts (biceps/triceps/shoulders) x 25 with 5 pound weights
  • Sit-ups x 50
  • Squat with medicine ball toss x 25
  • Mountain climbers x 25
  • Jumping jacks x 25
  • Stretching for 15 mins at the end

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