Easy Ways to Get Your Guy to Workout

If you are anything like me, getting your other half to hit the gym can be a challenge sometimes. Clearly this can be frustrating since I basically live in the gym! However over the years I discovered that my husband is not opposed to working out he is just not a gym kind of guy.  Like a number of men he enjoys the outdoors and playing recreational sports like Softball and Basketball.  Keeping this in mind, I would find ways to make outings fun and a workout at the same time.  

One workout I could get my husband to try was Kickboxing!  I think he preferred that over my Zumba classes. 

One workout I could get my husband to try was Kickboxing!  I think he preferred that over my Zumba classes. 


Below are a few of my tips below that can help your significant other get excited about working out with you outside the gym. 

I created an obstacle course once with my husband, it was fun and creative at the same time! Check out the video below!

When the weather is nice we like to go for long walks so I kicked it up notch by adding in a few drills, you can try these with your other half too!

Last summer we had a great time participating in a Warrior Dash together, we really tested our limits and had so much!

If your partner is not into working out at ALL you can find ways to make them feel more sporty, in their everyday lifestyle.  For example a cool new water bottle or stylish fitness tracker might get him wanting to check out a spin class or go for a hike.  You can also give him a complete Athleisure makeover!

Don’t know where to begin? When it comes to bottoms you can go with a faux leather pair of pants. Don’t worry these are not like the pants from the 90’s. Most of these pants are either lightweight or lined with a soft material like fleece making it super comfortable and ideal for cooler weather. If this is too fashion forward for your guy, lean towards a pair of pants that have cotton and leather mix, it is a more muted way to incorporate this look.  Other options include joggers, these pants are great because the design is true to the athleisure trend.  Don't forget to include a cool pair of sneakers that he can wear inside or outside the gym! 

Training minds, and changing bodies!

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