Endocrinologist Dr. Noel Maclaren Shares Thyroid Health Tips

Dr. Noel Maclaren is an endocrinologist, internist, and pediatrician, who specializes in the study of metabolism in both adults and children. I was very intrigued when I learned about Dr. Maclaren because I underwent Thyroid surgery back in 2015.

The Best Doctors Group has named Dr. Maclaren one of the best doctors in America 4 times. And in addition to numerous years of research in the endocrinology field, Dr. Maclaren has also written over 50 medical book chapters, which have been published in numerous national and international scientific journals. Dr. Maclaren also just opened his private practice Maclaren WeightWise, to the public last month.

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I have worked with several clients that suffer from thyroid issues and have had issues with my own thyroid so I wanted to ask Dr. Maclaren a few interview questions to clear up any misconceptions there may be when it comes to thyroid health. 

NMFIT: I have had clients with Thyroid issues that have been very diligent about keeping a clean lifestyle and incorporating exercise. How may their Thyroid be affecting their progress?

Dr. Maclaren: Low thyroid levels often cause patients to feel low in energy. This could affect their weight-loss progress, but in my opinion, low thyroid hormone levels are blamed way too often for unwanted weight gain.

NMFIT: Mood swings are a side effect of a disrupted Thyroid, what are natural ways to get this under control?

Dr. Maclaren: To avoid the tiredness and mood swings that come from low thyroid hormone levels, it is important to avoid foods with high amounts of iodine. Some foods that contain high levels of iodine are seaweed, cranberries, cheese, and strawberries.  

NMFIT: Are there certain foods one should avoid when dealing with Thyroid issues?  Can you share a few of those foods?’

Dr. Maclaren: Some say that eating a gluten-free diet or taking a Selenium vitamin supplement may help the function of the thyroid, but scientific evidence does not support these claims. 

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