Essential Oils and Pregnancy

There are several ways certain essential oils can be beneficial during pregnancy, but most oils should be avoided. Specifically, basil, clary sage, clove bud, hyssop, sweet fennel, juniper berry, marjoram, myrrh, rosemary, sage, thyme and wintergreen should be avoided at all costs. However, safe oils typically include floral oils like lavender, rose, neroli and chamomile. I have always been fond of natural oils but have discovered and learned the importance of how these oils can be extremely beneficial day to day.

I teamed up with Aura Cacia a personal care company to learn more about the oils they offer. They adhere to the guidelines of the FDA and do not make claims or offer any medical advice. Women should always consult their primary care provider before using essential oils. 

In pregnancy, diffusion is the main application for essential oils, because they can help support mom and baby in relaxation and can support emotional wellness. Topically, lavender can be used in blends to help ease discomfort, calm and soothe and for minor skin irritations.

In the first trimester, it is recommended not to use any essential oils outside of lavender. Ginger is fine in diffusion in the second trimester for nausea, but ginger tea and candied ginger is much more effective with morning sickness if she is experiencing any.

In any pregnancy blends that are topical, use a dilution at a 0.5%, which means 3 drops per ounce of a carrier substance. This is the same ratio we would recommend for newborns, infants and small children. Most oils should also not be used until the child is of school age. Lavender - always a safe bet - should always be diluted, even with children, because it has the potential to irritate the sensitive skin of little ones.

Below are two recipes from Aura Cacia you can prepare at home! 

Pregnancy Massage Oil

Ingredients 15 drops lavender essential oil 35 drops neroli precious essential oil 2 drops rose precious essential oil 800 IU Vitamin E oil Directions Combine essential oils and vitamin E oil with 4 ounces sweet almond oil. 

Pregnancy Nourishing Body Oil Blends

Ingredients 1-2 drops of carrot seed essential oil 6 drops of lavender essential oil 4 drops of Neroli Precious Essentials 1 bottle of rosehip oil Directions Add essential oils to the rosehip bottle. Use after shower each day on belly. 

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