Face Yoga: Reverse the clock with Face Yoga with Koko

Koko Hayashi is the founder of Face Yoga with Koko. I had the opportunity to experience a Face Yoga session with Koko when she was in New York City. So what is Face Yoga exactly? It’s a natural alternative to Botox and Plastic Surgery. As seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Koko is helping men and women everywhere maintain a youthful glow naturally. Continue reading my interview with Koko to see how you can weave this unique style of fitness into your lifestyle.



NMFIT: Tell me more about Face Yoga with Koko, how has the public received this offering?

Koko: Face Yoga with Koko offers Face Yoga as a natural solution to regain your youthful appearances. Face Yoga is very popular in Japan, but not in the States yet. As a pioneer of this field, we are educating the public through our YouTube, other social media and online/in-person sessions, and people have been enjoying the benefits. Unlike botox or those medical treatments, Face Yoga does not give you instant result. So it is for people who can commit to try on a regular basis only, but there are many people who are so, and seeing good results.  

NMFIT: Do you believe face yoga is gaining popularity because people are looking for a more graceful way to age?

I was able to test out Face Yoga first hand with Koko!

I was able to test out Face Yoga first hand with Koko!

Koko: Definitely. It is not quick, temporary anti-aging, but a natural method to wake up sleeping muscles in the face for skin'n lift up and relax over-working muscles for wrinkle reduction. As people go to gym for body muscles, it makes sense to take care of the facial muscles too. Our mission is to make facial self care as essential as going to the gym!

NMFIT: What are some additional lifestyle practices you may encourage to help compliment the exercises from Face Yoga sessions? 

Koko: I teach not just Face Yoga exercises but face posture tips and how to fix bad facial expression habits. Even if you do the exercises, if you keep bad face posture or doing bad facial expressions, you won't see good results, because exercises are only 3 min in total per day. The first step is anti-resting bitch face. When your face is resting, keep your tongue up on the palate in the mouth and tiny smile all the time.

NMFIT: Can you share 3 simple exercises you can do either while driving or working at your computer?

Koko: Smile line ironing: Every time you stop at a red light in a car (or anytime), make tiny circle with pointy tongue on the beginning of the laugh lines, which are next to the nose.

Cheek vibration: Every time you get stressed (or anytime), vibrate your lips and cheeks. Relaxing muscles around the lips help relax other facial muscles too, because lip muscles are core for the face, and many muscles are starting from there. Vibration help break tension in the muscles, which is important to reduce/prevent wrinkles.

Anti-Bulldog face: Every time you check amazon (or anytime), pull all the right face to the left and keep it 10 seconds. Do the same on the other side too. Training facial muscles and stretching are key for elasticity and this does the two at the same, which is very effective to lift your skin up.

NMFIT: Is it ever too late to start?
Koko: Never ever! Muscles grows at any age. You might have seen very mature people who are still capable to do various exercises. It's the same thing. The earlier you start, the better, because your muscles are more elastic and you can control tiny movements in the face better, but it is never too late to start.

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