Fit Female Entrepreneur: My Phone Pouch

When I was approached to review the My Phone Pouch I thought it was a perfect accessory for the gym when I am not taking a class. However I found even more use for it outside of the gym especially out and about on active days with my son. Take a look at my interview with female boss Allison Santini as she explains how she got started and how she manages a busy lifestyle all while remaining healthy.


NMFIT: My phone pouch is every weightlifter's dream! How did you come up with this concept?

My Phone Pouch: Like most women I am always busy and on the go. I invented this simple yet clever accessory to solve the constant, nagging problem of how to keep up with my cell phone on the go. Often without pockets in my outfits (hello, leggings and yoga pants), I was tired of struggling to carry my phone around. I was either jamming my phone in my bra (not ideal for multiple reasons) or constantly setting it down, walking off and missing an important call, or even worse, forgetting where I left my it and then waste valuable time looking for it, always ending up frustrated and stressed out.  

That frustration and wasted time lead to a brilliant idea. As a novice sewer, I hand-sewed several prototypes, each one improving on my idea. I quickly realized that I had invented a unique, game-changing solution for a very common problem. Fast forward and now I wear MyPhonePouch every day and I swear by it. This simple, unique accessory is incredibly useful for a wide range of activities making it particularly ideal for wearing to the gym during low impact exercise. 

Let’s face it, few things ruin a good workout faster than misplacing your phone in the gymMyPhonePouch gives you a secure place to carry your phone and other small essentials like a key or ID during a workout so no more juggling your phone as you try to focus on your workout. You can easily shift the location of the pouch from the inside of your hip to the outside of your hip depending on the exercises that you are doing.

It is ideal for walking on the track or treadmill, on the elliptical, the Stair Master, cycle machines, weight machines, free weights, stretching routines and pretty much any other low-impact exercise. While this little pouch can do a heck of a lot, it is NOT designed for running, jumping or other rigorous, high-impact exercises. But as soon as you are done with your high-impact workout, you can simply pop it back over your waistband to keep your phone and other small essentials secure and accessible.

NMFIT: I love that the product is washable, what other ways does it differ from other similar cases in the market? 

My Phone Pouch: First, unlike other products, MyPhonePouch is made of soft, comfy, four-way-stretch performance fabric so it’s machine washable and dry-able on cooler settings. Just be sure to remove the stainless steel counter-weight before washing (you don’t want the weight banging around in the machine) and then replace the weight promptly after drying (the pouch won’t work without the counter-weight to offset the weight of your phone). This unique counter-weight design eliminates the need for painful plastic clips that can snag your clothes and jab into your side, cumbersome belts around your waist or obnoxious straps across your body. With MyPhonePouch, all you need is a snug, fitted waistband to instantly add pockets to your outfit.

MyPhonePouch is truly unique and different from all other products on the market because most "phone holsters" are targeted towards men. They are typically clunky, rigid and require the user to affix the holster onto a belt or involve some sort of strap around your waist. MyPhonePouch is designed by a woman for women and girls (finally!) who enjoy wearing leggings, yoga pants and other fitted, pocket-less garments. MyPhonePouch is actually superior to pockets because no more taking your phone out of your pocket every time you sit down, no more risk of accidentally sitting on and breaking your phone, and no more risk of your phone slipping out of a loose or shallow pocket when you sit down or bend over.

Moreover, most plastic and leather phone holsters on the market only fit a specific phone with a very specific type of phone case (and again, require the user to wear a belt). MyPhonePouch comes in several sizes and is soft and stretchy so it can easily fit a wide range of phones and phone cases as well as pop-sockets or other kickstand phone attachments. Plus with multiple pockets in MyPhonePouch, you can also carry other small items like a key, a credit card or ID.  

NMFIT: What are people saying about your product?  What kind of response have you received from the fitness community?

My Phone Pouch: As a small, self-funded, woman-owned startup that just launched this year, I am thrilled to say that the response to my invention has been phenomenal. So many women have shared with me that they love this product and use it daily in almost all their activities including during workouts. I am also finding that a growing number of men are enjoying this product too, particularly at the gym because pockets in men’s athletic wear are typically loose so a phone can easily slip out when sitting, bending and reclining during a workout. Also, when your phone is on your body (vs laying on the floor or bench) you can get a more accurate read on various fitness apps. I also have customers who are using MyPhonePouch to carry their insulin pump and related supplies which is a great alternate use.

Until now, the options to carry a phone during a workout have been limited and MyPhonePouch is an innovative solution that expands those options significantly. Our phones are one of our most important possessions, they are our lifelines to our professional, personal and online worlds and we take them wherever we go – to stay connected, to document our lives, to help keep us safe. So I am beyond excited that MyPhonePouch is solving a wide range of phone-carrying challenges for both women and men alike. It allows you to keep your phone secure and accessible, while freeing your hands and your mind to focus on the people and activities around you.     

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