Fit Friday: Workout Style

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit Natasha Geigel again, this time to discuss workout fashion! With the boom of the Athleisure trend, fashionable performance gear has now become  a significant part of women's everyday lives. The trend continues to grow and looks like it's here to stay!  

One thing I like to do is encourage my clients to reward themselves with either a sports bra or running pants when they have reached specific fitness milestones. It will encourage them to continue to hit the gym and offer a nice mental boost as well. If you look good you will feel good!

Below are few images from our day of filming and links for where you can snag these amazing looks! 

Nadia's First Look

  • Jacket: Lime & Vine
  • Tank: Old Navy
  • Mesh Track Pant: Espalier
  • Slip On's Old Navy

Natasha's First Look

  • Bra: Old Navy
  • Top: Lime & Vine
  • Bottoms: Old Navy
  • Sneakers: Old Navy

Nadia's Second Look

  • Top: Lime & Vine 
  • Bottom: Lime & Vine
  • Sneakers: Vionic 

Natasha's Second Look

  • Top: Lime & Vine
  • Bottom: Lime & Vine

Keep a look out for the segment airing this Sunday on News 12 Bronx

To snag some of these amazing looks, you can visit the links below!

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