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Finding new ways to stay in shape during my pregnancy has been a mix of research, trying new things and connecting with fellow fit moms! I reached out to two of my favorite fit moms in the UK to answer a few questions about fitness before and after pregnancy.  

Michaela Deasy-Smith is an Event and Digital Marketer creating memorable experiences in the UK and the South of France. I connected with Michaela when we were working with one of her clients that was in the midst of launching their athletic brand in the US.  

Sarah Dineen is the Owner and founder of Fit2Drop / This Is 360 Fitness. I had the pleasure to interview Sarah for my Fitness Files and learn more about her companies and Pilates fitness retreats! At the time I was inspired by her fit mom hustle and hoped to do the same when it was my turn to become a mother. 

Michaela Deasy-Smith 

Michaela Deasy-Smith 

NMF: How important was fitness to you before having children?

SARAH: I have always been interested in fitness and sport, having played sport from a young age and through to a competitive level, it was more of a lifestyle choice rather than to 'stay fit' I love being active, I love how my body reacts to being active and after having the little one, I knew then even more importantly how I wanted to be active for them.

MICHAELA: I have celiac disease. This means I have to be careful with my diet. So many gluten free items on the supermarket shelves are full if sugar and processed, so I choose to cook from scratch. This means I've become overly aware if what goes into my meals and my body. The next natural step is to discover exercise. At first, it was the gym, weights and classes... I've tried everything. Then I discovered yoga and then Pilates. Running came a lot later in life for me. My dad runs, so I joined him one day and became hooked. I started swimming at the age of 4, and swam for my school and University. I play tennis and golf socially, and I can kick a ball. I just love it. I feel alive and as though I can achieve anything.

NMF: How do you make time for a workout?

MICHAELA:  You wear many different hats as a business owner, fitness enthusiast, mom and wife. I build a workout into everything I can. So, if I'm working in the city, I walk or ride my bicycle in. A power walk of 40 mins each morning. If I'm away, I stay in hotels and always bring my fit kit to run, do weights, and swim.  Pilates is essential and I do Sarah's class each week, and I run with a running club each Monday night. Hmmmm, there's not a lot if time in the day, yet I find the time and I'm doing okay. 

NMF: Do you enjoy working out with your little ones? If so what is your favorite activity?

Sarah Dineen

Sarah Dineen

SARAH: It is one of the highlights in my day, so much so that my daughter now comes upstairs in the morning and asks why I am not doing fitness if I haven't got up early for my workout! She joins me regularly in Pilates routines on the weekend which is my favourite time and in the mornings and watches me work out before heading off to school as well. As far as she is concerned that is what all mummies do to start their day!

MICHAELA: Mariella and I have worked out since she was weeks old. From buggy fitness, baby massage, to swimming, yoga, Pilates, and now that she is five, we now run together. She is an active kid and appreciates being included in my workout routines. We love swimming together as well. 

NMF: As a fitness professional do you feel confident you are setting a good example for your daughter when it comes leading a healthy and fit lifestyle and the importance of a positive body image? 

SARAH: Absolutely, she knows that fitness is about feeling fit, strong and healthy, and if you ask her that is what she will reply to why we do fitness. At the moment she doesn't have the negative influences of social media and I am hoping that by the time she does, like me she will enjoy sport and fitness for how it makes her feel rather than how she looks. She has a healthy diet but has treats and sweets like most children, and as long as I can keep that balance and her love of moving going in the right direction then I genuinely feel she will be a positive role model for other girls her age.

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