Fit Moms Barre Workout at Saks Wellery

Photo Cred:  Eimy Figueroa

Photo Cred: Eimy Figueroa

Barre workouts really helped to keep me active, challenged and in shape during my pregnancy! I am so grateful that I got certified just a month before discovering I was pregnant. Luckily I was able to teach barre my entire pregnancy and all my students pregnant or not were able to walk away with a solid workout.  

This is why I am so happy to announce I will be teaching a Fit Moms Barre Workout with Well Reserved on October 15th at Saks Wellery.  Well Reserved offers classes to best friends and small groups that want to experience a workout without all the hassle that you may get with coordinating a group workout at a gym.

Grab your friend pregnant or not and join me for a workout on Sunday, October 15th! To reserve your spot today visit:

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