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Swerve Fitness Studio 

Swerve Fitness Studio 

SWERVE Fitness instructor, Skyler Mosenthal knows what it means to motivate his students. Below he shares a few of his fit tips to help keep you focused when you are feeling defeated. 

Know yourself. If running is new to your daily routine, be mindful of how your body responds to the work. Soreness is one thing, pain is a different story.

Adapt. Breaking goals into manageable pieces will help you realize your big goal. Work backwards: if ultimately you want to run a 10-minute mile every day, then perhaps the first few weeks you run for half a mile, walk a minute or two, then run another half mile. When you are ready to take on the full mile continuously, test to see how long it takes and then aim to decrease the overall time by incremental amounts each subsequent week.

Skyler Mosenthal 

Skyler Mosenthal 

Chart progress. Work from the smaller, manageable goals and celebrate your progress. A log or journal of some sort will help track the small accomplishments that lead to the bigger success of a fitter YOU.

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