Fit Traveling Workout Tips


Heading to Mexico, was a trip that was way overdue! I have said this time and time again, just because you are away from home it doesn’t mean all your healthy lifestyle practices need to be tossed away and if you're living a healthy life you won’t want to ditch this way of life!  

When what you eat and how you move your body becomes a part of you, you get an itch if you aren’t able to stay on track.

Below are a few of my vaca must-haves:

Blank Yoga Mat: After participating in a short yoga practice the week before my vacation I decided to take my flow with me on vacation.  Lucky for me I packed my own yoga mat and didn’t have to rely on the not so clean options in the resort gym which have actually improved dramatically since my last visit. 

Tervis Water Bottle: It’s easy for water to go from chilled to lukewarm in Mexican heat! I brought my Tervis water bottle to keep myself hydrated and cool at the same time. My favorite drink of choice was the cucumber water! 


Resistance Bands: If you have taken my barre class you already know my obsession with weaving in resistance bands into my workout.  If I didn’t feel like hitting the gym I simply worked out in the room with ease.


Antibacterial Towel: From my body towel to my beach towel Laguna Blue kept me germ-free on my vacation.  Did you know that germs like MRSA and E. coli live in most towels and can cause all types of infections including staph, herpes and more...YUCK!


Topricin After Sun Cream: My skin is really sensitive and has a way of telling me when I have been in the sun too long (I break out in a rash)  After each day in the sun I slathered on my aftersun cream to hydrate and treat my skin.  

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