Fitness Files: Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce calls the UK home, making a name for herself in the health and wellness industry.  As an athlete, TV sports presenter and sports model for several well-known brands including Nike, Reebok and Adidas she is a prominent figure in the world of fitness.  Continue reading my Fitness Files interview to learn more about Caroline!

NM: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority?

CP: As a former International heptathlete fitness has always been important to me but my reason for staying fit has changed over the years. During my competitive years fitness combined with technique training was for improving my performance across the 7 disciplines of heptathlon. However after a knee injury ended my professional athletic career in 2005 my focus on fitness shifted towards wellbeing and looking and feeling good. Since then I have constantly adapted my approach to fitness to match my goals, which have included getting ready for photo shoots, fitness filming and performing as a Gladiator on the UK TV show which required quite a different approach to training as I swung from rings and raced up climbing walls!

NM: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

CP: I always carry healthy snacks in my bag wherever I go. My faves are Brazil nuts with an apple or pear and a pack of beef jerky by Wild West Beef Jerky which is free from MSG and other nasties. These snacks are the perfect compliment of carbohydrate, fat and protein. I mostly just drink water with the occasional cappuccino made with lots of frothy milk for a caffeine kick.

Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce

NM: At Nadia Murdock Fit our motto is “Train Your Mind, Change Your Body” so we must ask:  How do you train your mind and stay motivated?

CP: My competitive athletic days were spent practicing lots of visualizations and self-talk.  I continue to do the same today.  I focus on how I want to feel and what actions will make me feel that way.  Working out always makes me feel happy, energized and in control of my body even if I'm initially lacking in motivation.

NM: How do you change your body?  What are your fitness favorites?

CP: I tweak my body to be leaner, stronger and fitter with a diet and exercise combination approach.  I fully subscribe to the notion that 'abs are made in the kitchen' so aim to eat 'clean' most of the time.  For me that means eating whole foods free from additives.  I combine lean protein, healthy fats and fibrous carbohydrates with every meal and snack and I typically eat 6 times per day to keep my metabolism revved up. Then each week I'll have a more relaxed eating day where I'll have some treats.  My training approach is consistency of workouts (5 x per week) and a variety of methods. I mix up interval training, circuits, aqua running (running sessions in the pool) and Power Plate vibration training.  My fitness DVD 'Total Cardio Burn' reflects my approach to training.  It's a total body workout that's short and effective. It mixes up strength exercises with cardio fat burning moves and leaves every body part feeling like it has been challenged!

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