Fitness Files: Fitz Koehler

Fitz Koehler is the President of Fitzness International, a fitness company that specializes in fitness educations via mass media and fitness programming for children.  She also regularly featured on national outlets such as The Daily Buzz and Daytime TV as a fitness expert. Continue reading my Fitness Files interview with Fitz Koehler below. She shares her snack must haves and how she created a body she loved after gaining weight freshman year in college (we have a lot in common!).  

Fitz Koehler

Fitz Koehler

NMFIT: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority?

FK: I've always been sporty and began teaching group fitness at the age of 15. However, my eating habits were abysmal and I was about 45 pounds overweight in my freshman year of college. Thankfully, my profession helped me figure out how to eat wisely and exercise in order to achieve a body that I love. Turning my passion in to my profession has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Teaching folks how to live better and longer through mass media is a dream come true. And my before-school kids running program, The Morning Mile, is guaranteed to change the health of the next generation.

NMFIT: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow? 

FK: If I'm hungry at night, I eat sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with salt. I'm big on water, un-sweetened tea and the occasional Diet Coke. I know, I know. I'm living life on the edge with the last one.

NMFIT: At Nadia Murdock Fit our motto is “Train Your Mind, Change Your Body” so we must ask: How do you train your mind and stay motivated?

FK: I have no off switch. This benefits me, because I'm super squirmy and I love to move. I never need convincing to go get some exercise which keeps my body super lean, strong and athletic. My mind is equally restless, and constantly focused on pushing my business forward and hunting for the next big thing. This "no off switch thing" has made me a success, but also takes a little toll, because I am tortured by down time. I feel painfully unproductive sitting in a movie theater and would rather run with snakes wrapped around my legs than do yoga. This is probably why I SHOULD be doing yoga. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to step away once in a while.

NMFIT: How do you change your body? 

FK: My obstacles are different than the norm. I'm always within a three pound range I feel good about. However, if I have a photo shoot coming up and someone is specifically going to snap shots of my abs ... I go insanely clean with my eating habits. If I have no deadline, but want to enhance my shape ... I always turn to strength training. Curvy muscles are hot!

NMFIT: What are your fitness favorites?

FK: I called dumbbells my boyfriends. I lift until I curse and that makes me so happy. I love running because I can do it anywhere and at anytime with nothing more than a pair of sneakers and a sports bra. I also love fighting. I competed as a full-contact kickboxer for almost a decade and there is NOTHING in the world as fun as kicking people in the head.

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