Forget Fads. Use Science And Common Sense To Lose Weight


Every so often, we may feel that we have gained an extra couple of pounds. Or perhaps you are a perpetual yo-yo when it comes to the number you see on the scales. Being worried about your weight and appearance could see you becoming seduced by faddy diets that promise unrealistic results. Yes, perhaps you might lose half a stone in a week on one particular diet, but this can leave you feeling unwell, nauseous and unable to function. To top it all off, you may even find yourself putting the weight back on as you try and eat normally again.

Instead, you need to revolutionize the way you eat and exercise using science and common sense. If you eat a lot, you will put on weight. If you lead a sedentary life, you will find your joints becoming sore, and your waistline increasing. By changing your whole lifestyle, you can become more adept at being in tune with your body and lose weight safely and sensibly. You need to be able to sustain change.


Not everyone loves the gym. For people who don’t mind running on the treadmill alongside bronzed Adonis like figures, this isn’t a problem. But many people with self esteem issues struggle to work out in the company of other people. Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise at all. Instead, take it slowly, and head to the local park with a friend. Start by going on a brisk walk every day and then build up to short jogs. Having a good pal with you can turn a chore into a more pleasurable and sociable activity.

Consider signing up to a team sport or martial arts class. Yoga can also be great for those people returning to exercise for the first time in a while. You’ll learn stretching exercises and postures to help strengthen your core. You will also learn breathing exercises to improve your ability to chill out, relax and remain focused. By focusing on your mental health, you can improve your physical well being.


While you can head onto trusty old Google and be presented with a range of weight loss diets, it’s better to focus on your relationship with food. By investigating physician guided weight loss, a professional can check your hormone levels and analyze your body composition to help you develop a personalized weight loss plan. This bespoke itinerary will help guide your nutrition, your exercise plans and your potential supplement intake.

When formulating a new eating plan, don’t ban foods that you love. This will create cravings. Instead, eat what you want but focus on your portion size. When creating your meals, change up the ratio of your carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. At the moment, potatoes, rice or pasta probably takes up most of your plate. Instead, you need a greater variety of green vegetables, and a leaner protein source. Starchy carbs should be whole grain and no more than a quarter of each meal.

Follow a more scientific approach to weight loss and you will find that you can sustain a more positive change in your life.

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