Four Types of Beauty Oils You Need for Winter!

Winter is here and with it, so is head to toe skin dryness!

Don’t fret though, I’m here to give you four beauty oils that may just hold the secret to keeping your hair and skin hydrated throughout the frigid months ahead. 


Firstly, the best way to hydrate skin and keep it hydrated is to drink 60-100 ounces of water a day and eat lots of green veggies. Beauty starts within, always! So, once you get feelin’ good on the inside if you add these face and body oils to your beauty routine your skin will not only be hydrated, but glowing! 

In the later months of fall and winter months, my face becomes dry in certain areas so I know I have to step up my water intake game, but I also love to use Colbert Illumino Face Oil, I love love this oil! I like to use this after I cleanse my face and before I moisture. It’s perfect under makeup or used alone. It instantly improves overall texture and tone of your skin. I also like to mix with my foundation to give an instant glow! Top ingredients include Borage Seed Oil, which aids in cell renewal and Yangu oil for elasticity and suppleness. Yes, please! 

Along with my face, my hair gets very dry as well. And the only products I’ve found that work best for me are oils. They are just so hydrating and full of wonderful ingredients that work! For my hair, I only give it a full cleanse every two to three days. In between, I use a dry shampoo to keep it smelling fresh. But, to alleviate dryness I use the Ouai Haircare by Jen Atkin Hair Oil throughout my hair and spritzing mostly on my ends. This multitasking product smoothes frizz and seal split ends, while giving a high-gloss finish. Perfect for cold, dry months!

 A luxurious silky textured blend of shea, coconut, and almond oils sound like a divine skin treatment, no?  Kindred Skincare Co. makes a glorious moisturizing body oil that powerfully hydrates dry skin and aids the body in healing and retain elasticity. It’s perfect for after a shower or anytime your body needs a boost! 

I swear the key to waking up in the morning with fresh revitalized skin is to use a face oil before sleep. I like to press Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil Light into my skin right before going to bed and then use the rest to moisturize my hands. This ultra lightweight oil quickly absorbs into skin and heals any dry condition you may have. In the morning your skin will feel more supple and renewed. 

How will you spruce up your skin routine this winter? 

Guest Blog Post: Denise Del Russo 

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