Functional Fitness Fashion: JoeyBra


Do you ever find yourself looking for workout clothes with pockets for your keys, ID or iPod?  JoeyBra created their functional/tech savvy sports bra for this very same reason!  I love my new bra, perfect for stashing by belongings for a handsfree workout.  Continue reading to see what others are saying about JoeyBra. 

NMF: You have received a lot of buzz, what are people saying about your fashion and sports bras?

JB: Here are a few reviews that were left on our website from customers! 

  • I love being able to carry my ID, phone, key, and credit card with me even in activewear that has no pockets. I can now stop for a coffee before dance or finish a run with a nice cold smoothie without having to lug my purse around or return to my car every time I need something! Love the zipper and being able to carry around my belongings sweat and worry free in the JoeyBra pockets!
  • My daily walks around Greelanke have been less of a hassle thanks to the JoeyBra. My iPod fits snug in the pocket while I listen to my favorite tunes and my dog’s leash is in one hand. Not having some annoying strap on your arm makes for a very weird tan line!
  • This product is hands-down, the best solution to my workout needs.I can't begin to express how convenient the water-resistant zippered pockets are. The JoeyBra Sport allows me to seamlessly stow away my keys and I.D. during any workout. I can also put my iPod in another pocket so that I can listen to music without wearing the device on my arm. In essence, I don't have to wear a backpack or a jacket to carry all my things anymore.Beyond the convenience, the bra itself fits extremely well and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.I highly recommend the JoeyBra Sport--I already have two!
  • The JoeyBra Fashion Bra is absolutely fantastic. It functions just as well as any other regular bra--comfortable fit and great support! What makes this product unique are the pockets. I love not feeling obligated to carry a purse or a clutch when planning for a night out on the town. It's one less item for me to keep track of.The pockets are large enough to carry all my essentials--keys and I.D. Furthermore, the items I choose to stow away are seamlessly concealed with most of my wardrobe choices. The items never look bulky. No one can tell that I am wearing a pocketed bra!I am thoroughly impressed with the JoeyBra Fashion Bra (and the JoeyBra Sport-Pocketed Bra too!). Can't wait to see their future products to roll out!

NMF: What's next for JoeyBra?

JB: Our next step for JoeyBra will be to create additional colors and styles. In fact, if people have ideas for new colors or patterns, they are more than welcome to email us with their suggestions! We are listening carefully. 

Concurrently, we are working on entering into the retail space so that our customers can have a chance to try on the bras in person. We are currently featured in West Seattle Runner - a local boutique that caters to runners and athletes. We are excited to work with more retail locations nationwide in 2014. 

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The JoeyBra Sport retails for $39.99


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