Gift Giving with a Personal Touch

Every year there is someone on my gift giving list that I am clueless about when it comes to selecting the right gift.  I hate the idea of picking up anything just for the sake of giving something or doesn’t have a personal touch.

Below you will find my 5 gift suggestions all under $20 that is not only within the most modest budget but thoughtful too! Whether it’s a small gesture, a gift for a co-worker or stocking stuffer, these gifts are sure to leave a smile on someone's face.

Positive Affirmation Cards

Nothing like a positive affirmation to get your day going in the right direction! I found a few great options on Etsy that start at $5.95. With says like I believe in my dreams, all is well, I am building a successful company and more! Many of these cards are handmade which add a nice personal touch!

File_000 (23).jpeg

Instant Holiday Game Scratch Off

One year for a secret Santa in my workplace I received a scratch off and I thought it was such creative gift especially if you are looking to stay within your holiday spending budget. If you are in the tri-state area, The New Jersey Lottery has introduced the perfect scratch-offs for the season! 4 New Holiday Instant Games that range from $1-$10, giving recipients the opportunity to rack up some major cash! These games are easily accessible and can be found at any local lottery retailer.

Chair Massage Gift Card

How many times have you gone to the salon and wanted to get a chair massage but just didn’t have the time or wanted to spend the extra dollars?  I think this is such a great idea for anyone that needs a little TLC during the holiday season. Getting a massage can help relieve some of the holiday time tension that often builds up in shoulders and neck!

Photo Cred: Eimy Figueroa 

Photo Cred: Eimy Figueroa 

A Healthy Cookbook

Not only will this encourage the recipient to lead a healthier lifestyle but it can also serve as decor for a coffee table or office. Some of my favorites are The Honest Life by Jessica Alba and Body Love by Kelly Leveque.

Sleep Mask

Sleep is so important and so overlooked in this nonstop world we live in! Why not get creative and encourage friends and or family to get their much-needed beauty rest with a sleep mask. You can opt for a simple black mask that is about $5.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond or get fancy and go for silk options on Amazon starting at $8.

Happy Holidays and Shopping!

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