Good Morning Connecticut:The perfect HEALTHY care package for your college-bound child.


As parents gather all the essentials to send their child off to college making sure they remain healthy in between late night studying and partying will naturally be a concern. Below I shared on Good Morning CT Weekend the key things to include in your child's next care package that will not only make them smile but keep their wellness on track too! 

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On The Go Snacks: Snacks to fuel the mind and body.

True Lemon: (Hydration helps to learn)

● The average person drinks less than 2 liters of water a day. Drinking water daily keeps the brain full of energy, for optimum function.

● True Lemon can encourage your kids to drink more water with a variety of delicious to-go packets.


Paleo Pro: (Protein helps create and maintain a healthy brain)

● This protein powder is grass fed and pasture raised offering a cleaner option for fueling the mind and body.

IMG_5941 (1).JPG

Blue Diamond: (Nuts have been considered brain food)

● Almonds and Almond Milk on the Go will deter unhealthy snacking between classes and late at night.

● Nut thins snack pack made from rice flour is a nutritious way to fill you up and convenient for on the go.


My Oatmeal by True Nutrition: (The importance of breakfast)

● Offers simple and delicious ways to eat breakfast daily without the hassle.

● Oatmeal helps to create a better memory and assist with concentration.

Room Decor: Accents that can help create a mindful and productive dorm room atmosphere.

Sticking to colors that offer a sense of calm the soft gray and icy blue are simple ways to create a calming atmosphere.

IMG_5943-1.JPG has products available in numerous prints, colorways and fonts, Initials, Inc.’s products always include free and optional personalization.

Dani Naturals offers Aromatherapy through Reed Diffusers: a Flame-free way to enjoy DANI’s unique scents (perfect for the dorm room), Alcohol-Free / DPG free/VOC compliant, Compact and convenient.

● Eco-friendly Beauty: Go-to products that can wake up and soothe a tired collegiate.

LATHER: Offers a Clear Day Kit filled with products that can help combat stress breakouts, infused with tea tree and peppermint oil.

Dani’s Naturals is 100% vegetable based, fragranced with essential oil blends, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Eco-Friendly. Opting for scents like a grapefruit body wash or lavender shampoo can make a difference in how a student starts their day.